Potholes/Problems in Weeley Heath and Village


Please e-mail us photos of all those that you see in the area, with date, and we will upload them onto this page. We also notify Highways, and press for reference numbers. This will hopefully mean they get onto a job sheet at some stage.



16th October - UPDATE regarding 'scrapyard' and Weeley station forecourt concerns.

We are very pleased to report that due to WRA pressure the Environmental Agency Anglia region has been investigating the issue for some time. We are advised that the owner of the site is now applying for the relevant licences. This will of course involve a 'clean sheet of paper', and complying with all relevant licencing conditions before the licence can be granted.

The site has been partially cleared in the last fortnight and is work in progress to meet those conditions.  As we understand it, this licence will apply to the existing site but not the station forecourt?

Subject to Environmental Agency inspection due Friday 20th October.


9th October 2017 - Station Approach is a disaster area - broken windscreen glass, fences down, it looks a real mess, and it's really difficult for passengers trying to access the platforms.

Station Access 4.10.17


11.9.17 - Potholes getting worse at the junction of Hilltop Crescent and the Street - Black Boy end. Hilltop Potholes 1  Hilltop Potholes 2


The Street




A nasty pothole has appeared in the road now near to the Bakers -

Street near Bakers