Potholes/Problems in Weeley Heath and Village


Please e-mail us photos of all those that you see in the area, with date, and we will upload them onto this page. We also notify Highways, and press for reference numbers. This will hopefully mean they get onto a job sheet at some stage.

There is also a very useful website FixMyStreet which takes up the battle with the Council





 May - I see these have been 'filled in' - pity they haven't actually resurfaced, but something is better than nothing I suppose!

22.2.18 A resident has just notified us that there has been no progress regarding these pot-holes - we are aware that Hilltop is in the maintenance calendar, but not yet arrived apparently!

Pothole Hilltop Feb 2018 4 Pothole Hilltop Feb 2018 1  Pothole Hilltop Feb 2018 2 

Pothole Hilltop Feb 2018 3




11.9.17 - Potholes getting worse at the junction of Hilltop Crescent and the Street - Black Boy end. Hilltop Potholes 1  Hilltop Potholes 2




15th April 2018 - A resident at Field Close Bentley Road, has drawn our attention to a very damaged pavement - Corner Bentlet Rd and Field Close

Essex County Council are not willing to do anything because 'there is not enough footfall' - when someone DOES fall we suggest it is going to cost them more than a repair!!



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This van is causing no end of problems for businesses and residents. Parked in the Street since the middle of June, complainmts have been made to TDC and to the Police, seemingly to no avail. It is also parked on the wrong side of the Street for lights at night.

We will be pursuing the matter, as this problem is one that we have received the most complaints about for a long time.



June 2018 An appeal been lodged by the scrap yard against the enforcement notice served by TDC re 'Change of Use'. This will take months as inspectors are under pressure elsewhere unfortunately.

15th January 2018

Continuing saga of the Station Approach

We have a site meeting scheduled with Giles Watling MP on Monday afternoon. Things appear to be progressing on several fronts, but here's a timely reminder of what the approach USED to look like - and what it looks like NOW.

Weeley Station Approach Google 2009    Weeley Station Approach Jan 2018

Weeley Station Approach April Google 2009                      Weeley Station Approach Jan 2018


5th November - UPDATE regarding 'scrapyard' and Weeley station forecourt concerns.


We are very pleased to report that due to WRA pressure the Environmental Agency Anglia region has been investigating the issue for some time. We are advised that the owner of the site now has relevant licences.


The site has been partially cleared in the last fortnight and is work in progress to meet those conditions.  As we understand it, this licence will apply to the existing site but not the station forecourt?




9th October 2017 - Station Approach is a disaster area - broken windscreen glass, fences down, it looks a real mess, and it's really difficult for passengers trying to access the platforms.


Station Access 4.10.17




12.12.17 - A resident has forwarded the following photographs concerning the newly laid grass beds at the entrance to Ruby's Field in Clacton Road. School parking has now churned all these up into mud baths, and is really unacceptable.

Eric re Clacton Rd Dec2017  Eric re Clacton Rd Dec2017 2