Dear Members,

Outings for 2018

I have been giving thought to 2018. I would like to suggest that we try for four trips next year to include several requests that have already been suggested. Your opinions and suggestions are always welcome and it will help me assess the popularity of destinations being put forward if you will contact me please (details below). I will also take suggestions on the coach, please hand them to me on a piece of paper!

1. Many people want a Mystery Tour so that will be a definite for 2018.
2. How many people would be interested in a longer trip for example to the Cotswolds? This would mean leaving Weeley at around 8am and returning at approximately 7.30pm.
3. A day trip to Windsor Castle where of course you could visit the castle and the town,
4. Oxford for the university buildings and the town. A possible open top bus drive through the town.
5. Norwich for the Cathedral and Castle as well as the shops.
6. Ely - the Cathedral, Oliver Cromwell's House, the Riverside, Ely Museum, and plenty more to enhance your visit.
7. Bressingham Gardens, Museum and Steam Train Rides. There is a cafe and a restaurant as well as tables provided for picnics.
8. Southwold and Suffolk attractions.
9. Hatfield House Hertfordshire. A Jacobean Building. The House, stable yard, gardens, restaurants etc.

I look forward to receiving your ideas and comments.

Best wishes



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