Fund Raising

The Raffle held in the Medical Centre foyer during the week 19th to 23th June 2017 raised £360. The raffle draw took place at 11.30am on Friday 23th June. Winning tickets for the twenty eight prizes can be seen by clicking here. All winners have been contacted by telephone.


The committee wish to thank all those who purchased raffle tickets in support of the Medical Centre and Patient Partisipation Group (PPG), and a big thanks to those who helped during the week and contributed the prizes.

The PPG Committee will decided what will be purchased with the funds raised this year at our next committee meeting in September.

This event was also used to make patients more aware of the Patient Participation Group and to recruit more patients to the Virtual Patient Participation Group (Virtual PPG).

To find out more about the Virtual PPG go to the Virtual PPG page of this website. 

The Patient Group has held fund raising events each year for the past five years in ordrer to raise funds to cover the groups operating costs and, equipment for the Medical Centre.

A total of £1692.30 has been raised over the four years.

The PPG has purchased, or made a financial contribution towards the cost of, the following equipment for the Medical Centre:

  • £155 in 2013 for a baby changing unit for the patient toilet. 
  • A contribution of £400 in 2014 towards the cost of a digital spirometer to measure patients lung capacity.
  • A contribution of £300 in 2015 for an Ultrasonic Doppler device for detecting foetal heart rate.
  • A contribution of £400 in 2016 towards two large chairs with arms for the patient waiting room, for use by patients who have difficulty getting up from low chairs with no arms.


A total of £1255 has been spent so far on equipment for the Medical Centre.

Patient Group operating costs to date has been just £14.50 for the printing of survey questionnaires.