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The Medical Centre has installed a new computer software system called ‘SystemOne'. This system provides the facility for patients to access a nunber of patient services online via 'SystemOnline'.

To access patient online services, patients must first register in person at reception to receive their user name and password. Patients need to provide photo identification to one of the receptionists to receive access details.

To see the instructions on how to register and use the system click here

Patients now have the ability to access the following services online via 'SystemOnline'

  • Make repeat prescription requests online.
  • Book appointments online.
  • Access a summary of their 'Current Repeat Medication'
  • View past repeat medication (which has been discontinued in the last 6 months)
  • View a summary of 'Acute Medication' (issued in the last 12 months)
  • View a summary of their 'Allergies and Sensitivities'
  • View detailed coded medical records.
  • View test results.

If you have registered for online services and cannot get access to all the above speak to a receptionist at the Medical Centre. Please note! Coded Medical Records and Test Results cannot, at present,  be accessed on smart phones or tablets.

Patients are not yet able to:

  • Access their full clinical records. (Access can be requested online via the 'Manage Online Services' page of 'SystemOnline', but the decision on whether access is given rests with your GP).

NHS England Patient Online team has released three You Tube videos, which have been filmed at practices across England to help patients understand the online services. To view the videos just click on the images below.

  You Tube video of Patient Online   You Tube video of Patient Online Benefits

You Tube video of Patient Online Safe Access

A ‘SystemOnline’ App is available for Apple and Android devices by clicking on the icons shown below.

Apple App icon Android App icon

This will allow patients with smart phones to easily log in and order repeat prescriptions, or, book an appointment online from wherever they are as long as there is a good mobile signal.