Virtual Patient Participation Group (VPPG)

If you have access to the Internet, please consider joining our Virtual Patient Participation Group.

Why we need a Virtual Patient Group

As detailed on the Committee page of this website, the Patient Participation Group is managed by a committee comprising seventeen patient representatives, one Doctor and the Practice Manager. However, whilst we try to maintain a committee that is representative of the full practice patient list, it is impossible with a small committee to be fully representative of members from the different gender, ethnicity groups, age and all the villages the practice serves, therefore, it is essential that the committee can easily communicate with a much wider patient group.

By becoming a Virtual Member we, the Patient Group Committee and the Practice Manager, will communicate with you by email to keep you up to date with events. We will also be requesting that you visit the William Fisher Medical Centre website and complete any future surveys we may undertake to solicit your views regarding the services provided by the Medical Centre. Our surveys are always done on the website of the Medical Centre which is very secure.

It is planned to conduct all our patient surveys on line because this will enable us to significantly reduce the cost associated with performing and analysing patient surveys, which has to be paid for either by the PPG or the Practice.

Our on line surveys will be succinct so it shouldn't take too much of your time.

Membership of our Virtual Patient Participation Group currently stands at 381 (as at 25.06.2017) from a practice population of 6200 (as at 14th Sep.2016).

To be more representative of the patient list we would like to expand our VPPG to 620 which would be 10% of the patient list.

How to join

Membership of the Virtual PPG is via the William Fisher Medical Centre website. This link takes you directly to the 'Virtual Patient Participation Group Sign-up Form Online'.

However if you wish to go direct to the William Fisher Medical Centre website please visit the main website at:

On the 'Home' page find the heading 'Join Our Patient Group' which is in the main body of text. Then click on the ‘Find out more’ link. This will take you direct to the sign up form.

Please complete all fields and then click the Send button Button

Before an applicants name and details are added to the Virtual PPG contact data base, the Medical Centre administrative staff have to verify the applicant is a registered patient of the Medical Centre.