Whisperers, is a Charitable Organisation based in the Tendering Area, looking to provide resources and support for those who suffer the loss of a child before during and childbirth.

When an expenctant mother learns the heartbreaking news that her unborn baby has passed on, it is the most terrifying and distressing time for both her and her family.

The death of a child is so unexpected and such an unnatural event for anyone to go through.

We never imagine that our Children will leave this earth before us.

What we offer, is a team of dedicated individuals who have true and relevant life experience.

We will be there from the very moment we are informed of your particular circumstances.

We will guide you through these difficult times , offering advice and information where it would otherwise be lacking and helping you to create the nost beautiful, precious memories of time spent with your newborn child.

We also offer the after care most do not get, with support groups for not only the mothers, but fathers, grandparents and siblings too, as this loss affects the whole family.

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