White Roding (historically known as White Roothing) Parish Council, has 5 councillors and a part time parish clerk.

 The Council represents the interests of approximatly 300 parishioners across the parish's 1580 acres of land

and are there to enhance the social, economical and environmental wellbeing of the parish.

Contact details of Parish Councillors can be found in Parish Council - Council Members.


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 Local Placed Defibrillators 

A list complied by The Matching Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator  

of locally placed defibrillators can be found under

General Information & Useful Links on this website




London Stansted Airport Noise Action Plan

2019 - 2023 Consultation


Click here for details of the letter received from London Airport Stansted regarding details to the Specific Noise Action Plan 

To see further details use the following link:







Details of Events at the WRSSC can be found under

Local Groups tab

WRSSC  White Roding Social & Sports Club 








The 2019 Green Garden Waste Collection details  can be accessed here






If the fly-tipping constitutes a van-load or less, and does not contain hazardous material, you should contact your local authority via the telephone numbers or links below. 

If the waste constitutes a lorry-load or more, or contains hazardous waste of any kind, or if you see illegal tipping in progress, you should contact the Environment Agency via a National Incident Control Centre on 0800 80 70 60.  

Uttlesford          Call 01799 510510 or report online at uttlesford.gov.uk 

Additional useful contact details 

Chelmsford        Call 01245 606606 or report online at chelmsford.gov.uk 

Epping Forest     Call 01992 564608 (during office hours or 01992 564000 at all other times) or report online at ep- pingforestdc.gov.uk





The General Information & Useful Links tab - Speeding Issues    shows the latest information available to the Parish Council regarding Speeding Issues within White Roding




 Chelmer Valley and Broomfield Hospital


There is a new shuttle bus service which links Chelmer Valley and Broomfield Hospital.

 The service is being piloted for a year, but beyond that its continuation will be dependent on usage – if it is not well used, it will be lost.


The relevant information, including fares, routes and timetable, is available on the UDC website


Also UDC social media channels to promote the service.












Contact Information

30 New Road
CM77 6TG