The Teams




Sally, our Chairman, who organises us all.




Mike Treasurer 


Mike, our Treasurer, who keeps track of the money.




Our Technical Manager, the same Mike, who is currently the font of knowledge on "Going Digital".



Mike, Technical Manager 

Paul Geoff and Bev Technicians






The Technical Team - Geoff, Paul and Bev








Bev, one of our Administrators, who manages all the records of our listeners, and gets everything ready for the next recording.

 Susan Our Administrator




There are 5 teams that record the weekly news,







  Deb's Team


 Deb's Team
 Janice's Team





Janice's team







Susan's team 




 Susan's team
 Tim's Team





Tim's team






Ros's Team







 Ros's Team


there are two teams who produce the monthly Informant and Insight recordings;






 Sally's Team who produce the "Insight" Magazine






 Elaine's Team who produce "The Informant" each month.













Why don't you come and join us - we provide a much appreciated service to a lot of listeners, and have fun in the process! Find out more....









These are some of the people - all volunteers - who help read or produce the recordings, or help run the Wickford & District Talking Newspaper.  We will update this page with more and better pictures as they become available!