Our Monthly recording - The Informant


On or around the third Friday of each month, the listeners to Wickford & District Talking Newspaper are sent 'The Informant' - an information recording containing items of information of particular interest to our regular listeners. This recording is downloaded from a specialist website called InfoSound.


Articles may include information from such organisations as the Royal National Institute for the Blind, local libraries and so on. Or they may be items of information on facilities for the disabled, or new legislation.


The latest Informant recording is also available on-line from the Latest Recordings page.


If you have any items that you think might be suitable for inclusion on our information magazine, we shall be pleased to hear from you. See our Contact Us page.  The editor's decision as to what is actually recorded is, of course, final!


The other monthly magazine produced by Wickford & District Talking Newspaper called Insight.