The Future for Writtle: Our Parish Plan


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Chelmsford Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation Document

See On Line links below.   Please note City Council will not accept anonymous representations.

Summary of Writtle Parish Council Position on the Consultation that best reflects the unanimous view of the Village meeting on 6th January 2016. (In red font)

It is important all interested parties respond by 4.45pm on 21st January.  You must respond if you want any say in the future development of Writtle and Chelmsford.

It is essential you form your own opinion and respond accordingly.  

It is essential you use your own words do not just copy the following word for word as it may not be accepted as a bone fide comment.

Questions 1 -14          These are of a general nature including principles of housing and business needs, which broadly we do not dispute, certain questions are repeated below and we have dealt with them as appropriate

Question15          Protecting the Environment         The consultation has ignored the fact that more than half the land at Location 2 (Warren Farm) is designated a Special Landscape Area, which will be lost if developed.  Agricultural land east of Chelmsford is generally of lower grade and development should be concentrated there 

Question16          Necessary infrastructure will be needed to support development in the new Local Plan. Do you think that we
have missed any issues?                  YES Road Infrastructure is inadequate

Consultant’s Report January 2016 commissioned by 3 Local Parishes confirms: -

 1.            All 3 options for development will have a significantly adverse and potentially unacceptable impact on all trafficked areas in the absence of a NE Bypass.   ECC has confirmed the City Council Proposala are not supported by any detailed traffic modelling

 2.            A full Western Relief Road, alongside a North East Bypass will not provide any significant benefit in the context of either existing traffic patterns or any of the 3 Options being considered in the consultation.    Furthermore Peak hour traffic along the A1060 will increase to 340% even with the full Western Relief Road in place.  

 Question 19         Do you support the proposed Spatial Principles?                      In general we support the Council’s stance on the proposed spatial principles subject to the infrastructure issues raised below 

Question 20         We do not support any of the proposed 3 Options, which are very similar, concentrating mainly to the west of Chelmsford with its already inadequate existing infrastructure and traffic overload

Please explain your response.

Existing roads west of Chelmsford will not cope with the significant increase in traffic to reach the A12 and A414.   That traffic will build up through Broomfield Road, A 1060 Roxwell Road, Rainsford Road, from there through Writtle and then past the Writtle Schools to reach the A12 and A414, which even at present is unacceptable.   A recently commissioned professional traffic study demonstrates rush hour traffic along the A1060 will increase by 340% as a consequence of adopting any of the 3 Options

Development at Location 2 (Warren Farm) area will result in loss of significant and an essential rainwater catchment area, the land falls 15m to the low lying areas of Writtle which already flood and that would make it worse.   More than half the land is a Special Landscape Area.

Question 21

If you ticked ‘None of the above’, can you suggest any alternative or additional Option that should be considered in the new Local Plan? Where possible, please support your answer with reference to any evidence.

Strongly support development in alternative areas to the east of Chelmsford, with easy and readily available connections to the A12 and the proposed new Railway Station.

Question 22

Which location(s) do you support for new development growth in the new Local Plan?

We do not Support Locations 2,3,4,7 all west and north of Chelmsford and 8,9,13,14,15,16,17 Expansion of smaller villages

Location 1 – Chelmsford Urban Area                                     Supported

Location 5 - East Chelmsford (East of Great Baddow)          Supported

Location 6 - North South Woodham Ferrers                         Supported

Location 10 - Boreham                                                         Supported

Location 11 – Danbury                                                            Supported

Location 12 – Bicknacre                                                          Supported

Please provide comments and references to any evidence to support your response.

See above

Question 23    Are there any alternative or additional locations that should be considered in the new Plan?

Considerable evidence can be found in the Peter Brett Associates analyses indicating many other suitable areas for development on the east of Chelmsford with easier access to the A12, A130 and the new Railway Station, which would adequately meet the housing and development need in the Local Plan

Do you have any comments on the following road and transportation improvements as shown on the Spatial Options plans?

Question 24    Potential Western Relief Road          The Potential Western Relief Road is unrealistic and not financially viable in any reasonable time scale and certainly long after this round development is completed.   This is not good use of public resources when the infrastructure already exists elsewhere

Highway capacity improvements to the A132        

We do not oppose this improvement

Question 25   

Do you have any comments on the approach of discounting development growth in the Green Belt in the new Local Plan?                     In favour of discounting development growth in the Green Belt

Time is of the essence, any comments received after 4.45pm on 21st January 2016 cannot be accepted.

LINKS to web sites

Chelmsford prefer to receive a response on line by using the following link at    then go to Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation.

You can download a paper copy at then/or go to

Paper Comments Form (for printing) to be returned by post to Planning Policy, Chelmsford City Council, PO Box 7544, Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford, CM1 1XP. 

You can also email your completed response giving name, address and Post Code to

NOTE:- The full assessment of suitability of all Chelmsford sites is at the CFS number is at top left of each page and the yield (number of dwellings) is just below that.

When you have submitted your response it would help if you telephone 01245 420066 and leave a message or email saying “Form Completed” to

More detailed response to Questions 20 and 23 for information

Question 20

How do you think that new development growth in Chelmsford should be provided in the new Local Plan? (Do you support Option 1 or Option 2 or Option 3)             Support none of these Options

West Chelmsford (Location 2), North Chelmsford (Location 3) and North East Chelmsford (Location 4) the infrastructure cannot cope with added traffic to reach the A12 through Broomfield Road, Roxwell Road, Rainsford Road and Writtle, which will be horrendous.   In addition safeguarding the children of Writtle Secondary and Primary Schools is paramount, rat running through Writtle past the Schools to the A12 is already unacceptable and this will make the problem far worse.   The Potential Western Relief road will not be built in a realistic timescale, running from Little Waltham to the A414, in excess of 7 kilometres, at current rates could cost in the region of £60m. Unrealistic and unfeasible in any reasonable time scale

West Chelmsford (Location 2) - More than half the land is in a Special Landscape Area.

West Chelmsford (Location 2) - is a significant and essential Rainwater catchment area for Writtle, the land falls 15 metres from its northernmost point down to the lower part of Writtle. At present most of the rainwater soaks into the ground before it reaches Roxwell Brook and the River Can. If this 60 hectare area is hard paved a significant part of run off will decant toward Roxwell Brook and the River Can, which already floods and will further exacerbate flooding in Lordship Road, Cow Watering Lane, Melba Court and the low lying areas of Bridge Street and Lawford lane.

Question 23

Are there any alternative or additional locations for new development growth that should be considered in the new Local Plan?

Strongly support and suggest development drawn from the following alternative sites: - In Particular Great Baddow area Peter Brett Associates (PBA) Site Reference CFS83 Hammonds Farm east and west of A12 and north and south of the A414   Together with Boreham area Site References CFS59; CFS13; CFS49; CFS52; CFS81; CFS145; and the significant site CFS139 at Boreham Airfield

We also propose Danbury area Site References CFS56; CFS57 and Sandon area Site References CFS99; CFS100; CFS131 and Great Baddow area Site Reference CFS73

In total these sites could accommodate up to 17,500 dwellings.   The evidence can be found in the PBA analyses, many of the above areas warrant a higher score in PBA analyses, favouring development.   In addition PBA have identified numerous other smaller favourable sites on the east of Chelmsford.   All are closer to the A12 road network/rail link, moreover they would not have the additional road infrastructure needs and horrendous traffic implications as those at Locations 2, 3 and 4 and the potential for exacerbating existing flood risks at Location 2 (Writtle)

NOTE:- The full assessment of suitability of all Chelmsford sites is at the CFS number is at top left of each page and the yield (number of dwellings) is just below that.

 End of Chelmsford Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation Information


You can find our WRITTLE PARISH PLAN and our CONSTITUTION by clicking on "Our Files" in the Site Map column on the left of this page and then follow the links.  

The final Writtle Household and Youth Parish Plan and the Action Plan was distributed to all Households in the Parish. The Business Plan was distributed to all relevant Stakeholders.



 If you click on Our Files (in the column on the left of this page) you will find a link to the PROPOSAL FOR THE REDEVELOPMENT OF LONGMEADS HOUSE

This proposal will provide a development  of 9 Flats and 3 Houses to fund the provision of a new COMMUNITY CENTRE on the site, gifted by Essex County Council to the Parish free of charge.

NEW You will find in this section

1.  An aerial view of the proposed  new Community Centre

2.  The latest layout plans of the new Community Centre. 

We anticipate a Planning Application wil be submitted for the entire development early 2016.



1.      Writtle Parish Plan was launched and endorsed by Writtle Parish Council and Parishioners at Writtle Annual Parish Meeting at the Village Hall on 21st March 2011. 


2.      A Parish Plan Implementation Committee was consitituted at that Annual Parish Meeting as a Sub Committee of the Parish Council, Gordon Ingram was elected as Chairman, all members were co-opted members of Writtle Parish Council for the purpose of that Sub Committee only (see 3 below for comment on subsequent progress).  


3.      At a later meeting of Writtle Parish Council held on 5th November 2011 it was agreed that the Implementation Committe, having made significant progress on most currently achievable actions, would be wound down with immediate effect.   Accordingly all future implementation of outstanding Parish Plan Actions will be carried out by Writtle Parish Council, as recorded in the minutes of that meeting.   For further information on that decision and Parish Plan progress or issues, please refer to Parish Council minutes on the Parish Council web site by going to "Useful Links" on the "Site Map" in the left column of this Home Page or contact the Parish Clerk on 01245 420066 or email


4.      Full details of our Parish Plan can be seen at "Our Files" in the left column of this page where you will find all the documents including: -  The Household & Youth Parish Plan - The Writtle Business Parish Plan - Current Action Plans  - minutes of meetings, Constitution etc.


Thanks to our supporters - Our Parishioners; The Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE); The Community Planning Fund; Writtle Parish Council; Essex County Council Making the Links and all the Local Business Funders listed on the back cover of the Parish Plan.

What is Writtle Future?

Writtle Future is the short name of a group that existed to oversee the creation of a plan for the future of the civil (that is, non-church) Parish of Writtle, in Essex. All village residents are automatically members.

The aim was to be pro-active - for local people to influence how the village should develop in future, not just to accept what happens.

How does it operate?

The process began with an inaugural public meeting (see below), then detailed consideration of responses during 2007, leading to a questionnaire to every house in early 2008. Replies where then analysed and published and a draft report published . The eventual outcome is the formal document that we as local people can use to influence local councils and other bodies.

Writtle Future's formal title is the "Writtle Parish Plan Association" and was set up in shadow form in Summer 2006. It is governed by a Constitution on the "Our Files" page. 

The Inaugural Parish Plan Workshop 

The inaugural workshop was attended by 65 local people on 9 September 2006. Many issues were raised for future discussion. For more information, go to the Workshop Comments in the Site Map column on the left of this Home Page or for a more detailed analysis go to Our Files in the same Site Map