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Neighbourhood Plan

Future Development Proposals for Writtle Chelmsford City Council consultation on Preferred Options Local Plan closed on 11th May 2017 showing 800 houses at Warren Farm off the Roxwell Road which we strongly opposed and we know many Parishioners were of the same mind.

Closely linked to that Consultation is the Parish Council’s decision, along with many other local Parish Councils, to start the Neighbourhood Plan process in order to protect any future development of our Parish.   You will find here an article by Jonathan Weymouth telling you all about our proposed Neighbourhood Plan, Jonathan is a retired Chartered Surveyor who has lived in the Village since 1971 and has considerable experience in negotiating planning briefs.   It is quite small type, Zoom by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top task bar of the page.   If you wish to become involved no matter how much or how little please contact Jonathan Weymouth on 01245 420420 or email jonwey@aol.com or Parish Clerk on 01245 420066.

Our Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area is now registered  with Chelmsford City Council and was launched at the Annual Parish Meeting on 10th April 2017.   All Parishioners present unanimously agreed that Writtle should immediately commence the Neighbourhood Plan process.  So we are now on the journey and we need volunteers.    When complete, after Consultation, Independent Examination and Parish wide Referendum, it will be the final part of our Community Led Plans.  

If you are a member of Writtle Future you can Login and comment now at NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN - click here  Add your Comments please.   If you are not a member but you are a Parishioner or run a Business in the Parish and wish to comment, go to "Request Membership" at the top of this page and follow the instructions.    Note: - you must login to view any Active Survey and/or answer survey, if you do not login it will show as "No surveys active".

You can go to Our Files to see how Neighbourhood Plans fit within the Planning System - this is a very short RCCE Power Power Point presentation, it takes a few seconds to open and needs a couple of steps - it is safe to open. 


Putting together our evidence base.   Evidence gathering can be time consuming and possibly expensive, grants are available, which should cover the cost provided we keep it within bounds - However we must ask ourselves the following questions:

What do we need to find out and why (we do not need to collect everything)?

Do we really need it to inform our choices about land use and development?

What would happen if we didn’t have it?

Is it relevant to our area and our emerging planning objectives?

If so, what is the best way of getting it? Does it already exist or does it need to be created?


 We welcome your feedback, you can comment on any of the above click on Add your Comments please


General Planning News and Comment 

Chelmsford Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation

The latest Consultation Stage closed on 11th May 2017 in which Writtle Parish Council strongly objected to the 800 new homes proposed for Writtle at Warren Farm. 

Consultation - How easy was it to respond on line? 

PLEASE LET US HAVE YOUR COMMENTS here  at Add your Comments please.   

Why did they choose now, during a very important Consultation, to mess with their IT system, coincidentally there was also an IT problem in the previous consultation?



Formal Planning Application for The New Community Centre, Pre-school and Residential Development was validated by Chelmsford City Council on 5th May 2017 and the standard consultation expiry closed 5th June 2017, the Statutory Expiry date is 4th August 2017.


A post below from Marie Wynn a faithful and founder member of the original Writtle Community Association - If necessary the Parish Council will take over running the New Community Centre until a new flourishing Committee has been established.


Go to Our Files and you will find a link to the PROPOSAL FOR THE REDEVELOPMENT OF LONGMEADS HOUSE

This proposal will provide a development  of 10 Flats and 3 Houses to fund the provision of a new COMMUNITY CENTRE and PRE-SCHOOL on the site, gifted by Essex County Council to the Parish free of charge.

You will find in this section

1.  The latest layout plans of the new Community Centre. 

2.  An aerial view of the proposed  new Community Centre

3. Minutes of the inaugural meetings held on 16th and 19th November 2013 when the scheme was first presented to the Parish and approved by a substantial majority of Parishioners present.




1.      Writtle Parish Plan was launched and endorsed by Writtle Parish Council and Parishioners at Writtle Annual Parish Meeting at the Village Hall on 21st March 2011. 


2.      Action Plan - at a meeting of Writtle Parish Council held on 5th November 2011 it was agreed that the Implementation Committee, having made significant progress on most currently achievable actions, would be wound down with immediate effect and all future Parish Plan Actions will be carried out by Writtle Parish Council.   For further information please contact the Parish Clerk on 01245 420066 or email clerkwrittlepc@btconnect.com.


3.      Full details of our Parish Plan can be seen at Our Files.




 Writtle Village Design Statement


Writtle Village Design Statement was Launched and adopted as Planning Guidance by Chelmsford City Council in 2004.


Full details of our VDS can be seen at Our Files.



In creating our Community Plans enormous thanks are due to all our supporters which included - Our Parishioners; The Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE); The Community Planning Fund; Writtle Parish Council; Essex County Council Making the Links and all the Local Business Funders listed on the back cover of the Plans.