Writtle Parish Plan - Launched 2011

Parish Plan

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Parish Plan Workshop - Generic Agenda                                    


Villagers review options 

The Inaugural Workshop on 9 September 2011 was attended by about 70 people from the Parish, the several subsequent workshops were attended by similar numbers

At the end of the Inaugural Workshop was the formal meeting to set up the Parish Plan Association.   The Inaugural Meeting was the first of what became a series of meetings to discuss YOUR ideas about the future of Writtle.  See the minutes of all of these meetings and our Constitution under "Our Files"

Workshop Agenda (subsequent workshops followed a similar format)

1. Welcome and introductions -

2. Parish Plans – background and description of the event Michelle Gardiner – Rural Community Council of Essex

3. Brainstorming exercise in table groups (25 mins) What is special? What are the problems? What ideas do you have for improvements?

4. Categorising exercise moving around the hall (15 mins) Sort comments by issue headings

5. Refreshment break Read brainstorming comments from other groups

6. Prioritising exercise moving around the hall (10 mins)

7. Summary and next steps

Over 500 responses were given at that first meeting on issues that covered: -

1. Businesses, Employment, Promotion of Businesses

2. Crime & Safety

3. Education & Learning

4. Environment & Conservation

5. Health & Well-being

6. Heritage & Culture

7. Housing & Development linking to the Local Development Framework

8. Leisure & Recreation

9. Services, Facilities, Communication

10. Transport, Access, Traffic management, Byways, Footpaths

11. Writtle College

The Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) assisted and advising us throughout the process. After the Inaugural Workshop the RCCE kindly typed up all the comments to enable us to analyse the views of the Workshop.

Parishoner's comments at the workshop

At the workshop, people were asked what they liked, what they disliked and what suggestions they had under each of the 11 headings above.   The Likes and Dislikes are summarised in "Our Files" in the left hand MENU.

The Parish of Writtle is rather larger than the built up area of the village, as the maps show.

You can also see a more detailed map of the central (built up) area of Writtle in PDF version (2.5mb) by clicking here.


Map of Writtle


Map reproduced with permission of Election Maps.

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