New Housing - Location

With the exception of the grade 2 agricultural land north of the A1060 Roxwell Road (generally called Warren Farm), all land in the Parish except that within the Village envelope is Metropolitan Green Belt. 

The following repeats what was said under Metropolitan Green Belt section above

It is now clear our Neighbourhood Plan will not be complete by the time the Local Development Plan is adopted and a final decision one way or the other on the proposed 800 house development at Warren Farm will have been made, that will be based upon the outcome of previous consultations and the FINAL Independent Examiners inspection later in the year.

As previously mentioned, would there be any advantage in swapping some of that Warren Farm agricultural land with Green Belt land south of the A1060, releasing that land south of the A1060 for housing, if so where?    It must be said Chelmsford City Council is  completely opposed to swapping any Green Belt land, a view with which many of you may agree.


Is there any "Brown Field Land" in our Metropolitan Green Belt that could be released for Development?

Are there any other Development sites in the Parish?

See also Metropolitan Green Belt, the previous item in the menu.


What are your views? 



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