Steering Group Meetings


Meetings of the Steering Group will be at monthly intervals Commencing at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Office at The Green Car Park all are welcome to attend.                                 


Steering Group Meeting Minutes - Can all be be found by clicking here


Next meeting date: -  to be announced




Formal Objections to the Proposed Chelmsford City Local Plan proposing "about" 800 new dwellings at Warren Farm have been submitted to the City Council by: - 


The Parish Council who along with Neighbouring Parishes appointed Castle Planning, Professional Planning Consultants and tthc, the traffic transport & highway consultancy to submit representations on their behalf.



The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group also objected to the proposals.


A public enquiry by a Government appointed Independant Inspector was carried at the end of 2019 and we now await her findings.


More details on Neighbourhood Plan progress together with the Castle Planning and the traffic transport and highway consultancy submissions can all be be found by clicking here 




Comment from the Chairman - There is an important issue up for discussion in our village at the moment: How do you want to see the idyllic village of Writtle progress over the next 15 years? We, the residents of Writtle, now have the chance to have our say and to help shape the future of our village and its surrounding Parish over that period rather than leave it entirely to developers and Chelmsford City Council. 

Our Parish Council decided to launch a Neighbourhood Plan in January 2018 and was granted permission to do so by Chelmsford City Council, accordingly Writtle Parish Council is Registered as the Relevant Body for Writtle Neighbourhood Plan - read more. These are part of a central-government initiative that seeks to ensure that planning and development policies are locally generated.

A Neighbourhood Plan must tie in with the established Local Plan, but can have influence over the implementation of the policies within the Local Plan. For example, in the words of the government guidance, neighbourhood planning gives communities the choice about “where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, have their say on what those new buildings should look like, what size and type of accomodation we need in the village and what infrastructure should be provided.”  This will influence and be used as guidance for any future development.

A Neighbourhood Plan is an official document, which gives the Local Planning Authority, and ultimately the Government, more ability to resist opportunistic development proposals. 

The Writtle Neighbourhood Plan will seek to protect the best features of this well-loved village and its surroundings. Exactly what this means needs to be influenced by each one of us; the plan must be for all areas of the Parish and for all ages. Once the plan is established, a process likely to take around 2 to 3 years, all villagers on the electoral role will be asked to approve it, or otherwise, by way of a referendum. 

The Steering Group, which is chaired by Jonathan Weymouth has been established, the minutes of meetings can be found by clicking here. The first task of this group is to establish the scope for the Writtle Neighbourhood Plan, which will apply to the whole Parish not just the village-centre. This is the whole community’s chance to help shape the future of our village, we are always looking for assistance and everyone is encouraged to help and have there say. Do not be put off if you don’t wish to join the Steering Group! Some of us only have an hour or two to spare a month. We need as much help as we can get to put together the vision for our beautiful village, and would like everyone who would like to be involved to be able to be. 

We are also looking for people with particular areas of experience or expertise to offer help and advice. This includes, but is not limited to, areas such as having specific experience with this sort of exercise, I.T. skills, graphic design, data collection, P.R., printing and fund raising. Any expertise we can use from within the village will help to keep the external costs to a minimum. 

If you would like to join in, in whatever capacity you feel able and whatever aspect of the exercise, please do make contact:- WrittleNP@gmail.com

Writtle Neighbourhood Plan, c/o Parish Office, The Green, Writtle, CM1 3DT

TELEPHONE 01245 420066 or email clerk@writtlepc.com


Further updates and progress can be followed via the following:

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Writtle Neighbourhood Plan


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