Council Tax Bills 2017/18

Following the issue of the Council Tax Bills for 2017/18 there has been concern over the percentage change of the Writtle Parish Council content shown as 8.4%. The actual amount requested by the Parish Council for 2017/18 is £118,320 compared with the amount received for 2016/17 of £116,000 an actual increase of £2,320 or 2.0%.

In 2016/17 Chelmsford City Council received a Grant from Central Government of £6,508 and therefore, paid the remaining £109,492 from their funds. In 2017/18 they will not receive any Central Government Grant and will have to pay the whole £118,320 from their funds. This difference of £6,508 plus £2,320 and a further small adjustment has been used to reach the 8.4% change from the previous year.

In summary this means that in 2017/18 Writtle Parish Council will receive from Chelmsford City Council 2% more that in 2016/17 not the 8.4% implied in the Council Tax Bill.

In cash terms for every £1 paid by a householder approximately 3p is allocated to the Parish Council.

David Walker, Clerk to Writtle Parish Council