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Writtle has a population of around 4,200 and has retained its character with many beautiful walks and places of interest.  Writtle holds a number of events on its village green, details of these can be found in our village diary.  


Forthcoming Writtle Parish Council Meetings 

Planning & Development Committee Meeting - Monday, 16 September 2019 - 7.30pm - Parish Office

Highways & Transport Committee Meeting - Monday, 16 September 2019 - 8.15pm - Parish Office




  • Do you want to serve your community?
  • Do you have time or expertise which could benefit your community?
  • Do you want to make a difference to all those around you?
  • Are you concerned about your local area?
  • Do you want to represent the views of local people?


If you would like to make a difference, and be involved in shaping the future of your local community, why not step forward and apply to become a Writtle Parish Councillor?

Writtle Parish Council is looking for three new parish councillors. Interested candidates are encouraged to attend a Writtle Parish Council Meeting. These are held on the first Monday of the month (except August and January) at 7.30pm in the Parish Office.  For further information please contact the Parish Clerk, Lauretta Fox, on 01245 420066 or email clerk@writtle-pc.gov.uk

In order to be eligible for this role you will need to be over 18 and a qualifying citizen and this information is available by contacting the Parish Clerk.




If you want to make a real difference in your village then volunteer as a Community Special Constable and play a part in keeping your neighbourhood safe. Writtle Parish Council is supporting Essex Police to increase local and visible policing in their area:  Visit https://www.essex.police.uk/join-the-police/special-constabulary/ to find out more.  Writtle Parish Council will be funding the initiative.  Under the scheme the parish council will fund the expenses of volunteer police officers who will be designated to Writtle.  The Special Constables will be volunteering 16 hours each month and will have the same full policing powers and uniform as regular police officers. 


Village to fund extra police patrols - Media Release - 16 July 2019 

As part of Writtle Parish Council’s safer village initiative this summer more police officers will be patrolling the village, funded by the council.  Speeding motorists will be targeted and more warning signs will be put up to show that security in the village is being increased.


The move follows security patrols last summer, paid for by the parish council, which saw a reduction in nuisance and criminal activities particularly around the Village Green and the parish council’s two recreation areas.  This summer Essex Police will increase their patrols in the village’s open spaces to tackle any anti-social and illegal activities. These patrols will be made up of officers working extra shifts, rather than being taken away from usual duties in the county.


Writtle Parish Council Chairman Chris Hibbitt said: “We all know that Writtle is a wonderful place to live and work but like any urban village we cannot eliminate nuisance behaviour or crime. What we can do is our best to keep the community safer which is why councillors agreed to budget for additional summer security measures. This followed the Annual Parish Meeting when it was made clear that security during the summer was what villagers want”.


“At a meeting with Essex Police on July 3rd, we decided to fund extra police patrols, targeting the village’s open spaces. Our key objective is to make our tworecreational areas as safe as possible, especially for our young children on their summer holidays. We’re confident this will act as a deterrent and reassure residents.”


A team of Speed Watch volunteers is also being set up to help reduce vehicle speeds through the village. They will be at roadsides with cameras to record motorists who drive fast and dangerously.  Mr Hibbitt said: “A minority of motorists do not seem to care about road safety or the safety of our residents. Our volunteers will be looking out for them.”


Additional security signs will also be put up around the village by the parish council to help support the security measures and “state of the art” high definition CCTV cameras, monitored 24/7 by Chelmsford City Council, will be operating at the Paradise Road playing field and skateboard strip.


District Commander for Chelmsford Chief Inspector Gerry Parker said: “I would like to thank Writtle Parish Council for their funding and partnership working. The initiative is a great way to help reassure residents and increase police visibility in the village. By working together with local parish councils we can help communities stay safe and enjoy their summer.”


For further information contact: Lauretta Fox, Parish Clerk, Writtle Parish Council, Parish Office, The Green, Writtle, CM1 3DT

Tel: 01245 420066; email: clerk@writtle-pc.gov.uk



Neighbourhood Plan News - Having consulted extensively with local residents, including the questionnaire exercise late last year, the Neighbourhood Plan Group have now produced a draft Vision Statement and set of Objectives. These represent the key themes around which the Neighbourhood Plan will be drafted. The Group would welcome your feedback so please visit the Neighbourhood Plan tab above to access and review the wording.   




School Crossing Patrol Vacancy

Do you know someone who would like a rewarding opportunity within the community? There is currently a vacancy for a School Crossing Patrol Officer at Writtle School. No experience is required and full training and uniform is provided. The role is part time and term time, assisting pupils and other pedestrians to safely cross the road. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested and want to find out more - please visit www.workingforessex.com or call the School Crossing Patrol Service on  03330 139788 or email your details to school.crossingpatrol@essex.gov.uk


TRAVELLERS SITE – Junction of Ongar Road and Highwood Road

Update as to outcome of hearing from Chelmsford City Council

As you know, on the 31 January/ 01 February there was two day hearing in the High Court , where (through our barrister) the Council argued for a final injunction to be made, which would require the gypsies/travellers to remove their caravans and all associated paraphernalia from the site. The gypsies/travellers opposed this application. They were represented by a barrister at the hearing and some of them attended in person.

The Judge issued his decision late yesterday afternoon, which I was present in Court to hear. 

Unfortunately, the Judge was not prepared to grant us a final injunction in the terms that we sought i.e. immediate removal of the caravans from the site. 

Instead however, the Judge required that formal undertakings from the gypsies/travellers to the effect that in the event that their ongoing planning appeal (to the Secretary of State) against refusal of planning permission is refused then they will remove their caravans from the site within one month of such decision. (Formal undertakings of this kind have the same status an injunction. This means that if the appeal is dismissed then the gypsies/travellers would be in contempt of Court if they then failed to remove the caravans.)

In the meantime the interim Injunction that the Council has already secured will remain in effect. This means that no further caravans may be brought onto the land and no further development may take place.

It is probable that there will be a timeframe of 9 - 12 months for the current planning appeal to be determined by a Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. I would note that the Council has no control or influence over the appeal timetable.

At this time the Council has done everything within its legal powers and the planning legal framework to require the gypsies/travellers to vacate the site. It is disappointing that the Court has failed to grant an Injunction on the precise terms sought by the Council, which we considered a necessary step in order to enforce planning controls. Ultimately, this is of course a matter at the Court’s discretion.

I should add that the Judge stated in his Judgment that the Council had acted entirely properly and followed all correct procedures in applying for the injunction. This being the case, he ordered the gypsies/travellers to pay the Council's legal costs (which are substantial).






Following the meeting of the Writtle Parish Council's Planning & Development Committee on Monday, 17 December, the committee had the following objections to the masterplan.  The comments have been submitted to the Planning Department at Chelmsford City Council and can be viewed here.


History of Writtle

Writtle is one of the prettiest villages in the county with many Grade I listed houses. It dates back to the Romans who were present in the village shortly after the Roman conquest and two Roman burial urns were found buried in the gardens of the old vicarage.

Writtle was a royal manor and was mentioned in the Domesday Book when its population was about 900 making it bigger than Chelmsford at the time. The manor was situated on the main route between London and East Anglia and part of this route can be seen at Lawford Lane, which is now a bridle path.

King John is one of the most famous people to be associated with Writtle. He built a hunting lodge in the village in 1211, which is now situated within the grounds of Writtle College. It is also believed that Robert the Bruce, who was once the King of Scotland, was born in the village on July 11, 1274.

Today, little remains of Writtles royal connections, but it is only a matter of time before more of the villages past is discovered with Iron Age, Bronze Age and Roman ruins currently being dug up by amateur archaeologists.

In March 1990 the parish council asked for volunteers to start a collection of photographs of the village and Writtle Archives was created. Writtle Archives is currently located in the Christian Centre and is open on Wednesday afternoons from 2.00 - 5.00pm.  There is a proposal to build an extension at the Parish Office to rehouse the Archives.


Local Authorities 

For information and services provided by other authorities visit the following websites:  Essex County Council (including Highways to report potholes and other highways issues or flooding),  Chelmsford City Council (including planning, public health, refuse collection), current and future roadworksEssex Police (to report an non-emergency incident. Always call 999 in an emergency)


Village Design Statement

The Writtle Village Design Statement was developed by a small nucleus of residents who formed a steering group.  The group sought views of the community in order to identify the local character of the parish and to make a record of it for the year 2002 and to develop the design and character of future development proposals.  You can view a copy here.


Writtle Parish Plan 

A public meeting was held on Saturday, 9 September 2006 in the village hall.  A committee was elected by those present to start the process of compiling a Parish Plan.  You can view a copy here.