Traffic issues

Background information regarding traffic problems associated

with the new development at Warren Farm


Much of the traffic background for the Plan is based on a survey by Ringway Jacobs entitled Transport Impact of the Local Plan (Appendix 4 of the Plan)

It is based on a modelling exercise and some old census data. It concludes that a 5% reduction in traffic as shown in the model will result in lower traffic flow along the A12, A1060, Chelmer Valley Road and Central Parkway making the Plan feasible. This will be achieved by "sustainable travel initiatives" including promoting car sharing, encouraging walking and cycle modes including a new network of cycle lanes. Park and Ride will remain a key part of the strategy. 

The option of the NW Bypass has been abandoned and no new roads are scheduled for NW Chelmsford in the period of the Plan.

On April 11th, Satrak, a vehicle tracking firm, published a paper on traffic congestion. Its findings include that a growing network of cycle lanes is slowing traffic. An MP on the Commons Transport Select Committee suggested that investment in building cycle lanes is contributing to increased congestion on our roads.

The only entrance for cars, in and out of the Warren Farm site, will be direct onto the Roxwell Road.  Surely, the traffic congestion in our village will become a major issue despite reassurances from the City Council that it is not a valid reason for opposing the Warren Farm development.

There are many other important negative considerations relating to the Warren Farm development, including, health care, flooding and the impact on community life in Writtle.  I hope some of you will address these and other key points.  To read the consultation documents and make your comments visit


Mr Chris Hibbitt

Chairman, Writtle Parish Council