Urbanization of Writtle

Help prevent Writtle become part of Chelmsford’s Urban Sprawl

Following Writtle Parish Council’s Annual Parish Meeting on Monday, 10 April 2017, parishioners of Writtle are being urged to help stop the inclusion of Warren Farm in the City Council's Local Plan, to prevent future traffic chaos for the village. All residents of Writtle have 3 weeks to respond, as responses should be submitted to the City Council by 4.45pm on Thursday, May 11th.

Mr Chris Hibbitt, Chair of Writtle Parish Council comments: “Since the original consultation several of the sites have ‘changed their identity’. Warren Farm is now included in Growth Area 1, Site 2.    Growth Area 1 is ‘Central and Urban Chelmsford’.  In the Local Plan it states ‘this site provides a high quality development to extend Chelmsford's Urban Area, with sustainable travel at its heart’.  Warren Farm is in Writtle and is in the area covered by our proposed Neighbourhood Plan.  As residents of Writtle we must fight to preserve our beautiful village and not allow the City Council to ‘extend Chelmsford's Urban Area.’

He continues: “At the original consultation your Parish Council strongly supported the inclusion of Hammonds Farm as a ‘Garden Concept’ advocated by the National Government. The owners are prepared to put in the infrastructure before any houses are built and the site is close to key transport links such as the A12 and the proposed new station. Once again it has not been included in the selected sites.  It appears it has been omitted due to traffic issues. If so, why is Warren Farm seen to have no traffic problems?”

“The City Council stated they like the ‘Garden Concept’ but instead of including Hammonds Farm they have introduced a new 3,000 house site adjacent to Little Waltham and close to Regiment Way and the Channels site. This along with the proposed Broomfield site will have a significant extra effect on our traffic problems in Writtle.  This site is called North East Chelmsford but looking at the map is looks a lot more north than east!”

“We need a huge response to show that Writtle is united in this opposition to Warren Farm”, Chris Hibbitt commented.  “Please don't leave it to others. If you don't respond, please don't complain when we get a huge new housing development on our doorstep”.