Police Meetings


Mobile: 07817- 454525 - This is the phone carried by Police Officers when they are on duty. It is left switched on 24/7 (unless the battery should go flat before officers come on duty & check.) Messages received on the mobile phone will be replied to by the next officer that comes on duty. We aim to reply to messages within 24 hours, in accordance with Essex Police policy. However, this will not be possible at all times, due to periods of leave or courses. These are 2 reasons but there will be other operational matters from time to time that mean we are unable to reply within the agreed period. We would ask that if people leave a message & it is not answered within the time stated, that contact is made via Chelmsford Police Station or the below email address.

Non Emergency Number:101- This is the telephone number to be used for all non emergency issues.  It gives a direct link into New Street Police Station and is open 24 hours per day.

Email: 74656@essex.pnn.police.uk