Playing Fields


The Parish Council owns and maintains two playing fields, Paradise Road and the Pleasure Bit in Oxney Green.  

Both contain areas of play equipment for children and there is a skateboard strip and youth shelter at Paradise Road. The Paradise Road Sports Field has football pitches, a cricket pitch, tennis courts (run and operated by the Writtle Sports and Social Club) and a hard play area that can be used for tennis, 5-a-side football and netball.  

As many of you will now know the new playground in Paradise Road opened in 2014. Much of the equipment in the old playground was reaching the end of its life despite continual maintenance and a helping hand from the scouts keeping the old train painted and tidy.    

The Parish Council decided to apply to Maztec, the Company that run the “V” Festival to fund the replacement of the old playground and a sub-committee comprising Mick Townley, Wendy Walker and Rosemary Smith was formed.

The Junior Parish Council which comprises children from Writtle Infants, Writtle Junior and Hylands Schools were consulted at a very early stage.  All of the equipment in the new playground was chosen by the Junior Parish Council and what great choices they made.   

Our trio of Parish Councillors, have worked very hard on this project and we know that they have had many sleepless nights, with what at times seemed like huge mountains to climb and issues to overcome.  We are sure you will agree that the village now has an asset that will last for many years to come and will provide many happy hours of fun and frolics for all of our children.

Of course none of this would have been possible, without the assistance of the Parish Clerk David Walker, Dawn Woodhouse and Simon from Maztec for providing the funding, Richard Allison and Louise Bertano from HAGSMP, the manufacturers and installers of the equipment, Paul Van Damme, Craig Brewster, Alan, Matt and Mick representing Chelmsford City Council and Councillor Roper. A huge thank you to all of the workmen on the ground as well.

We are sure you will join us in saying once again a Big Big THANK YOU to all involved in this major village project, especially the very special members of the Junior Parish Council.