The Green, Writtle

Wear Pond

Writtle Parish Council will be treating the Wear Pond with Siltex to help reduce organic silt build up in the pond. It is harmless to plants and animals. There will be 2 or 3 treatments over the next 3 months.

Siltex is a natural and inexpensive way to reduce organic silt in ponds, lakes and rivers. It is a highly porous form of Calcium Carbonate, or chalk, made up of minute particles. Being Calcium Carbonate it is completely harmless to plants and wildlife.

What are the main benefits of using Siltex?

  • It decreases organic and oxidisable matter which is displayed as
  • a reduction in silt levels
  • It increases oxygenation and stimulates aerobic micro-organisms
  • It improves water clarity by settling suspended waterborne solids
  • It reduces methane production by silt body
  • It counteracts acidity in the water and the silt
  • It provides essential Calcium for plants and wildlife
  • It increases biodiversity within the water bodies

SILTEX can be used in freshwater environments such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canals and fisheries where organic silt accumulation is a problem. It can also be used to raise the pH value of water bodies suffering form acidification.

Silt is organic matter, plus sand and clay, combined with water, which forms a spongy mass. Organic silt accumulates when the micro-organisms that normally feed on the organic matter are no longer present, due to low oxygen levels and increased acidity. The microscopic SILTEX particles are able to penetrate right in to the silt layer and create the right environment for the micro-organisms to re-establish themselves and start to digest the organic matter, thus reducing the silt volume. SILTEX works best when the silt has a high organic content, combined with acidity.


Tree Works on the Green

Unfortunately we have had to fell one of our lovely Willow Trees on the Green.  Last week, a large branch fell from the tree and it has been suffering from fungal activity.  Our tree experts advised us to have the tree removed.  They will also be reducing the height of the adjacent Willow tree. 

Bartletts Tree Experts will also be crown lifting a number of the trees around the Green in readiness for our Country Fayre on Saturday, 14 July and as the Circus will be visiting us again from Saturday, 16 June, a couple of trees have been cut back to allow them onto the Green.  Please remember we are open on a Monday and Thursday morning in the Parish Office from 10-12, if you have any queries or please don't hesitate to email us

Reports on the trees:

Tree Report dated March 5, 2012

Picus Report dated October 24, 2012