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A Parish Council

We can't have a say in our area without a Parish Council, why would we not want one?

0 04/09/08 10:35
A resident

How do you rate your broadband speed. The North Benfleet exchange is the last to be updated , the village deserves better

Chris Barlow

My broadband speed is driving me crazy , its so slowmost of the time. does anyone else have the same problem?

2 01/09/14 10:16
Chris Barlow, the Parish Clerk

Winter Salt - There are some free 20 kgm bags of salt available to salt the side roads in the snowy conditions.

The Parish Council have obtained these from Essex County Council under their Winter Salt Scheme for this purpose in the wintery conditions. If you would like to help make the raods safer by gritting a side road near you and are abled bodied to do so ,  contact the Parish Clerk on 01268 725236.

1 10/12/14 08:24
Christine Barlow
Local Businesses / Trades

Should we open up this Website so that local businesses can advertise to their neighbours?

Parish Council

We look forward to recieving the comments of residents , so why not use this page to send us your comments and views or just ask a question.

Parish Council

Don't forget to tell the Parish Council what facilities you would like to see or improved in Westlake Park and tell us why you think your suggestion wuld be good for the area and residents alike.

1 23/02/14 12:53
Parish Council

We welcome comments from you as a resident of Bowers Gifford & North Benfleeet. The Parish Council try and represent your views and raise issues on your behalf. If you would like to send a comment or or a question ,either use this page or email your comments        (see contact us page)