Annual General Meeting 2018

Tuesday 25th April 2018

Chairman’s Report

This year we have enjoyed another successful year as the prime Community Hall in Billericay Town Centre. With the ardent enthusiasm demonstrated by the Committee we have been able to offer to our hirers a modern clean and efficient resource which has been welcomed by all and better equipped during the year to meet the needs of our diverse range of hirers.

We have seen a slight reduction in lettings income this year due to funding cuts for some hirers, but our costs have been well controlled with carefully focussed expenditure directed at facility improvement. We are now able to easily accommodate film and slide presentation by the fitting of the overhead blackout blind and inbuilt screen. This together with internet availability has ensured renewed interest from hirers and high rates of occupancy.

We will continue to concentrate our attention to detail for the forthcoming year with quality and availability in mind. We will focus on technology too as we broaden our image to external sources by Website and Social Media outreach.

Additionally, we will need to recruit resource into the Trustee membership as age continues to affect our numbers as retirements inevitably occur. New blood is vital to any organisation to ensure fresh momentum and to aid succession planning and we are not oblivious to this.

I therefore commit our Trustee Report to you and look forward to a mutually enjoyable and fulfilling year ahead.


K R Wood

Chair of Trustees

April 2018