Bulmer Street Sign

This was designed by resident artist the late Don Macaree who lived in ’Clements’, the thatched cottage next to the old Cock & Blackbirds public house, now nolonger. It was then crafted by the late Frank Nice blacksmith from the neighbouring village of Gestingthorpe.

The design depicts various aspects of the history of Bulmer. At the top is a head of a Bull, thought to be how Bulmer got its name. On the next row is the church of St Andrews and the Flag of St. Andrews School, underneath is a depiction of Thomas Gainsborough’s painting of Mr & Mrs Andrews to the right is a farming tractor and below this is a siloette of the kiln at Bulmer Brick & Tile Co.

Gestingthorpe Blacksmith Bill Nice  & Designer Don Macaree   In its location at Bulmer Street  
 Bill & Don   In its location at Bulmer Street