Update 19th June 2019

Following the election for local councils held in May, a new council has been formed with Rosemay Raymond as chairman & amanda lyes as Vice Chairman. Eileen Penn and Mike Crome have also joined the council. A further councillor is potentially to be co-opted at the July meeting. This still leaves vacancies for 2 more co-options.

Did  you know that by registering with essexinfo.net/bulmer (Parish Council website) you can be notified every time the site is updated by the clerk. This will include such things as Agendas, Minutes, Planning, local Road Closures and any other important issues.


Update 11th February 2019

Cllr Benns resigned with immediate effect from the 21st January.

This now leaves vacancies for 4 councillors, These vancies cannot be filled until the Parish & Local election due within 6 months on the 2nd May 2019, unless there is a further resignation upon which the council becomes inquorate and then candidates can be co-opted.

At this time council has 3 councillors, Cllr Raymond (Chairperson), Cllr Morgan (Vice Chairperson) and Cllr Lyes.

For any other information, please contact the Clerk, Kevin B Money, his contact details can be found here.......


Update 31st December 2018

A new clerk is appointed Kevin Money, currently also clerk for Foxearth.

New Councillor is co-opted Amanda Lyes (resident from Hedingham Road


Following the resigination of 4 Councilors & the Parish Clerk, there are now vacancies urgently needed.

For the role of Councillor, Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer full details can be found here..........