A120 pavement surveys and line marking renewal works between Stansted and Braintree

Kier will be carrying out pavement surveys and line marking renewal works at the above location, on behalf of Highways England. Previous surveys have identified the need for maintenance works in this location, for road safety reasons. Additional surveys will also enable any necessary future maintenance works to be programmed.

Tthis work will take place over five weeks, from Monday 12 August, weeknights only, with working hours of 8pm to 6am, weather permitting. An overview of the works and associated impacts are listed below.




Monday 12- Tuesday 20 August: A120 closure between Galleys roundabout and Panners Interchange. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place diverting traffic via the A120, A12, A130 and A131.


Tuesday 27- Friday 6 September: A120 closure between Panners Interchange and Dunmow South. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place diverting traffic via the A131 and B1008.


Monday 9- Friday 13 September: A120 closure between Dunmow South and Dunmow West. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place diverting traffic via the B1256 through Dunmow.




Monday 19 - Tuesday 20 August: A120 closure between Dunmow West and Dunmow South. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place diverting traffic via the B1256 through Dunmow.


Wednesday 21 - Thursday 22 August: A120 closure between Panners Interchange and Galleys roundabout. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place diverting traffic via the A131, A130, A12 and A120. 

Monday 2 September- Friday 6 September: A120 closure between Priory Wood Roundabout to Dunmow West. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place diverting traffic via the B1526 through Takeley.


Please note that details of this works are correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.


Graham Construction Ltd is the principal contractor working on behalf of Highways England and will soon be carrying out work along the A120 at Galleys roundabout, which includes carriageway repairs and the refreshment of road markings and studs.
Works will commence around mid-August 2019 and are due to last approximately two nights. Greater detail setting out theupcoming works and diversion routes in this vicinity will be advised in advance of the scheme starting.
Whilst disruption on any scale is not ideal, Graham Construction will be working between the hours of 8pm and 6am to help minimise this.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Graham Construction via the Highways England Customer Contact Centre on 0300 123 5000, or by emailing

Gas maintenance

Between 22nd July and 11th October, Cadent will be carrying out essential gas maintenance on the B1018, close to Mill Lane and Polecat Road, to replace old iron gas mains with more durable plastic pipes.  Traffic management will be undertaken by two-way traffic control signals. 

A120 between Braintree and Coggeshall: drainage survey works 

Kier will be carrying out drainage survey works at the above location, on behalf of Highways England over a period of five weeks, starting Monday 1 July, weeknights only, with working hours of 8pm to 6am, weather permitting. Temporary traffic lights will be in various locations between Braintree and Coggeshall for the duration of these works.

A12 Road surface improvements and crack repairs, refreshment of road marking and studs, replacement of bridge joints and installation of marker posts 

Roadworks will be undertaken on behalf of Highways England on the A12 between junction 19 to 23. The works will take place from late June for approximately six weeks, working between 9pm and 5am on weekdays only, weather permitting.  A diversion will be in place directing traffic to use the A120.



Cressing Parish Council are in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan. The draft plan has been submitted to Braintree District Council for a consultation known as a Regulation 16 (Reg 16) Consultation under The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (2012) as amended.

The consultation is being held for six weeks from 9am on Friday 31st May until 5pm on Monday 15th July 2019. 

The documents published for consultation are: 

  • Cressing Parish Neighbourhood Plan
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) & Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA) Screening Report
  • Basic Conditions Statement
  • Consultation Statement 

View the documents online 

Responses can be made online from 9am on Friday 31st. You will need to register (if not already) and log onto the system in order to make comments online. 

The documents can also be viewed and response forms available during opening hours at: 

  • Braintree District Council Offices, Causeway House, Bocking End, Braintree CM7 9HB
  • Braintree Library, Fairfield Road, Braintree CM7 3YL
  • St Barnabas Hall, Claude Ince Avenue, Cressing CM77 8HL 

Alternatively, a response form can be downloaded from (Cressing Page) and returned to 

Please contact for further assistance with the consultation.




Please see below for your information.


The Environment Agency are currently conducting an investigation into the large scale and wide spread illegal dumping of waste.  

So far Buckinghamshire, Surrey and West London have been the most impacted areas but our enquiries show the offending is likely to have impacted South East London, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Kent. 

Over 800 tons of shredded waste has been dumped in rural locations in Surrey in April

 A white cab HINO tipper lorry registration AE11ERX has been identified for the tipping, travelling out of West London.

The vehicle this individual is using in unregistered, untaxed and uninsured so there are a number of traffic offences being committed in addition to the environmental offences.  

The tipper lorry runs with TWO other vehicles, used as spotter vehicles and assist with the offending:

  • EO08RJY white FORD Transit  
  • T58CBD Red Nissan patrol vehicle

 If seen please DO NOT APPROACH the vehicles or drivers, contact Essex Police on 101.

If you see fly-tipping at any other time, this can be reported directly to Braintree District Council on 01376 552525 or on-line at


 2019 PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS – 2nd Wednesday monthly

July            10th
August       14th
September 11th
October      9th
November   13th
December     11th


Did you know that the Parish Council keeps a supply of recycling bags in the office?  If you need some, just pop along on a Wednesday to pick some up.

The built environment - Lead

Whilst there have been no recent reports of thefts of lead in Cressing, you should be aware that over the last month or two there has been a sharp increase generally in the theft of lead from buildings.  In just the last week, there have been NINE reported thefts in the Braintree district of lead being taken from the roof of bay windows, the roof of a shed, flashing to windows, etc.  Please be aware and if you see something suspicious, contact the Police.



Rescue SAM Semi-Automatic AED Defibrillator - Packages For Indoors & Outdoors

Cressing Parish Council have recently provided two defibrillators; one at the Evangelical Church and one at St Barnabas.  These are easy to use as the equipment guides you through all necessary actions, but the Parish Council will be arranging for training on the equipment shortly, so please refer back to this website for further information on dates.

In the meantime, any queries should be directed to the Parish Clerk.



A120 - Essex County Council have announced their preferred route as Option D.

At the announcement they explained their decision process and advised that Option D provides best value for money, stating that for every £1m spent on upgrading the A120; residents, road users and business will see £3.750m in benefits.  It is the route that provides for least impact on residential properties along the route and the environment. this link will take you to full details together with a video showing the route.



Don't forget to look at the Noticeboard page where the latest notices regarding traffic regulations and roadworks are posted, as well an interesting report on the incinerator at Rivenhall that will affect everyone in the Braintree District.

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