A big "Thank You" to those of you who have filled in the questionnaire so far. Smile

We are looking through our initial responses and will the discussing them at future meetings of the Communications Working Group.


Those of you who are reading this and have not filled in the questyionnaire Frown, please go to the Surveys page (there is a link on this page or you can use the menu on the left) and tell us what you need and what we can do for you. It really will not take long.

10:03, 01 Mar 2013 by Cressing Parish Council

click the link above to see the latest application to de-pollute end-of-life cars at Cordon's Farm

18:20, 19 Feb 2013 by Cressing Parish Council

It may surprise you to hear that this has been planned since 2009 but your District and County Councils did not tell you about it till a few weeks ago,

You will find a number of other surprising and perhaps shocking bits of information in the Our Files Section of the Web Site if you look at the Information that BBraintree District and Essex County Councils did not wan to release.

14:13, 17 Feb 2013 by Cressing Parish Council


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