Village Hall Extension Project

For many years the village hall committee has received requests for a stage and for the facilities to be upgraded and made more versatile for users.  As these requests became more frequent back in early 2010, the hall management committee decided that they should look in more detail as to what may be feasible. This involved a lot of work and in March 2014 Chelmsford City Council approved plans for an extension to the hall. 


We had previously secured sufficient funding for us to start our project on Monday 18th April 2016. 

The build will initially be all the external contruction for both phase one and phase two, this will ensure that all the mess and disruption to the external part of the hall will be over and done with in one!

During the project the hall will remain open to be used in the normal way with hopefully little disruption. Whilst the project is underway we will be seeking further funding to enable us to complete the entire project.

We are pleased to say that all of the external building works have been completed and we now need to complete the project internally. We have again been fortunate to receive further funding to enable us to continue in June this year.

You can view the existing and proposed plans by clicking on the links below.

Existing Hall Elevations Plans

Proposed Hall Elevations Plans

Existing Hall Ground Floor Plan

Proposed Hall Ground Floor Plan

Proposed Hall Side Elevation Plan

Proposed Hall Roof Plan