We have started work on producing a Neighbourhood Plan (NhP) for the Parish in order to protect the character of this delightful and historical rural Parish.  Change is inevitable but this is our opportunity to influence what effect those changes have on the whole parish.  This will be the Parish's Planning Policy and, once approved by an inspector, will become part of the Local Plan ie Epping Forest District Council's planning policy for the next 20 years.  It is likely to take about 2 years to produce the document and fulfil requirements, a major part of which is consultation with our community - residents, businesses and regular visitors.

The first part was to designate the Neighbourhood Plan Area; the Council applied to EFDC for the whole of the Parish to be designated.  The application went out to consultation and a report went to EFDC's Cabinet on 8 October 2015.  EFDC decided to designate most of the parish with the exception of the area from the Harlow side of the Village down to our furthest border at Jacks Hatch.  We were told that that this was due to Green Belt and cross boundary issues which raised concerns about the impact of Harlow's expansion at that boundary.  Councillors are considering the possibility of that area being included but it is not an easy or quick process and would be like doing 2 Neighbourhood Plans.  Furthermore in a Local Plan consultation on the Green Belt we discovered that over half of the Parish was being considered for development.  With the exception of the Village ribbon, all of the rest of the Parish is Green Belt.  Such proposal was strongly opposed by the Council.  Click here to see a map of the Neighbourhood Plan Area.

We have a Neighbourhood Plan Committee which will focus on the NhP and we will be asking for community representatives to join councillors.  We have researched the requirements for the Plan and the possbilities for funding; with such a small electorate we have minimal funding and not much spare!

In due course you will be consulted as to how you want to see the Parish in the future and we expect to hold at least one public meeting.

Further details and information will be on this website and in our Newsletters as well as on EFDC's website, currently located here