Our County of Essex is one of only 11 English counties with a patron saint :

The patron saint of Essex is - Saint Cedd.

Other saints for Counties include :

Berkshire - Birinius;  Cornwall - Piran & Petroc;  Devon - Nechtan & Petroc;  Hereford - Dubricius;  Kent - Augustine;  Oxfordshire - Fideswide;  Suffolk - Edmund;  Sussex - Wilfred;  Wiltshire - Osmund;  Yorkshire - Wilfred.

The patron saints for Regions include :

East Anglia - Edmund;  Mercia - Chad;  Northumbria - Cuthbert & Oswald;  Wessex - Aldhelm & Swithun.

There are very few towns in England with a patron saint.

But, 3 towns (some say 4 or more) with a patron saint are in modern day Essex :

Colchester has :  Saint Helen;

Brentwood has :  Saint Thomas a Becket;

Harwich has :  Saint Nicholas;  the patron saint of sailors, seafarers & children.

Other towns with prominent saints are :

The City of London has :  Saint Paul,   Saint Mellitus,   Saint Erkenwald
and several other Essex saints  -  All of London was once part of Essex;

The City of Westminster has :  Saint Peter  -  Westminster and all of Greater London London was once part of Essex;

Bradwell and Othona have :  Saint Cedd;

Barking has :  Saint Ethelburgh  -  Barking was once part of Essex until 1964;

Greensted has :  Saint Edmund;

St Osyth has :  Saint Osyth;

Southend on Sea is dedicated to :  Saint Mary (Prittlewell);

Chelmsford is dedicated to :  Saint Mary, Saint Peter and Saint Cedd;

Rayleigh is dedicated to :  The Holy Trinity;

Rochford is dedicated to :  Saint Andrew.


Saint Cedd - is the patron saint of :  Essex;

Saint Paul - is the patron saint of :  City of London  (once entirely part of Essex);

Saint Helen - is the patron saint of :  Colchester;

Saint Thomas a Becket - is the patron saint of :  Brentwood;

Saint Nicholas - is the patron saint of :  Harwich;

Saint Anne Line - is the saint from :  Great Dunmow;

Saint John Houghton  - is the saint from :  Terling;

William Timmes / Tyms - executed in Bloody Mary's reign - was curate of Hockley.


Saint Edmund - is the patron saint of :  East Anglia and the East of England Region;


Saint Edmund - was the patron saint of England - for 800 years until during the mid 1600's;


Saint George - is the current patron saint of :  England - for about the last 400 years;


Saint Catherine - is the patron saint of :  Europe.