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April Medal, Dyer Cup, 1st Eclectic 9th April

Div 1 :

1st   Mel Khul                    net 75      Dyer Cup

2nd  Collette Kingswell     net 78

Div 2 :

1st   Jeannine Beckwith      net 68      (cut to 26)

2nd  Dawn Marriott             net  76

Div 3:

1st Carol Yore                     net 77

2nd Tina Yearling                net 78


Combined Stableford 2nd April

1st Place Team:

2nd place team:

Flag Competition 26th March 2019

From 1st Tee - Judy Podd

From 10th Tee - Dot Greaves

March stableford 19th March

18 holes

1st place - Irene Hoffman  31p

2nd place - Janet Johnson 29p

3rd place - OCB Jane Collier 29p

 Combined Stableford ( limited to 9 holes due to the weather)

1st  Place - Judy Podd and Lorraine Wilson- 27 points

2nd place - OCB Dot Greaves and Jane Ash - 27 Points

 Winter League 8 - 5th March

1st place - Judy Podd  26 points

2nd place - Jenny Moggeridge 24points

 123 Waltz  26th February

1st Place - Jane Collier, Mel Kuhl, Jenny Moggeridge 49 points

2nd place - Jo Dixon, Carol Manning, Irene Hoffman  44 points

 Winter league 7 19th February 2019

1st Place  - Jennine Beckwith 23points

2nd place - Janet Johnson 21 points

American Greensomes 12/2/2019

1st place - Judy Podd and Maggi Lintner 23p

2nd place - Carol Yore and Anona Straker 21p

 Winter league 6 5/2/2019

1st Place - Dot Greaves 21p

2nd Place OCB - Janet Johnson 21p

 Marked Ball 29/1/2019

1st place team score - Judy Podd, Jeanine Beckwith, Caroline Roast

 Winter League 5 22/1/2019

1st Place - 19p Susan Wilson

2nd place OCB - 18p Maggi Lintner

 Florida Texas 15/1/2019

1st place score 44.89  -  Mel Khul, Dawn Marriott, Maggi Lintner

2nd place score 48.34   -  Dot Greaves, Jo Dixon, Jenny Moggeridge

Winter league 4 8/1/2019

1st place - 23p Jeannine Beckwith 

2nd place - 22p Jane Collier

3rd place - 21p Dot Greaves