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 23rd July Medal

Division 1

1st Dot graves                 net 70

2nd Mel Kuhl                   net 74

Divsion 2

1st Judy Podd                  net 72

2nd Barbara Luxford         net 77

Division 3

1st Susan Wilson              net 77

2nd Carol Yore                  net 77

16th July Charity Day

multiplication stableford - fun day had by all

1st place 90 points - Mel Kuhl, Dawn Marriott, Viggi Thompson

2nd place 89 points - Jane Collier, Jenny Moggeridge, Marg Triston

3rd Place 77 points - Dawn Lord, Elspthe Williams, Lorrinae Wilson

9th July Angela Roast Claret Jug

1st Viggi Thompson            41 points

2nd Carol Yore                    40 points

3rd Jenny Frost                    37 points

1st Jose Stevens                   18 points

 2nd July  Harris bowl

1st Carol Plato                       36 points

2nd Marg Triston                    35 points

3rd Jenny Moggeridge            35 points

Carol also won £100 voucher from Miss designer golf who sponsored the competition.

25th June Medal

Division 1:

1st   Jane Collier               net 77

2nd   Mel Kuhl                   net 82

Division 2:

1st    Dawn Marriott           net 79

2nd    Viggi Thompson      net 80

Division 3:

1st  Jenny Moggeridge      net 70

2nd  Susan Wilson             net 80


18th June Lady Captains Day

1st Maria Kelly 37p

2nd Collette Kingswell 36p

3rd Janet Johnson 35p

Front 9 _ Susan Wilson 22p

Back 9_    Mel Khul 21p

Nearest pin 5th ( in2 ) Hilda Hazell

Nearest pin 11th          Dawn Marriott

Straightest Drive 16th Claire Turner

Afternoon team game ONES

1st Jane Ash, Mel Khul Viggi Thompson 77 points

2nd Dawn Marriott, Dot Greaves, Janet Johnson 77 points OCB

11th June  Heath Plate

1st Jane Ash 38p

2nd Dot Greaves 32p

32p Lorraine Wilson

4th June Century Office

1st  Lorraine Wilson net 71

2nd Sue Stead         net 74

3rd Maggie Laws      net 75 OCB

9 Holes

Anona Straker 15p

28th May Windfall

1st Jennine Beckwith  36p

2nd Margaret Triston   33p

3rd  Mel Khul                32p

9 holes

Anona Straker              16p

21st May 

Spring meeting

afternoon: 9 hole team texas scramble

1st Place: Judy Podd, Dot Greaves & Janet Johnson

2nd place: Sue Stead, Maria Kelly & Collette Kingswell

Nearest the pins: Mel Khul 5th Jane Collier 11th

Straightest Drive; 16th Rosemary Garrod

18 hole stableford and Committee Cup

1st Margaret Triston 39p

2nd Janet Johnson    37p

3rd Sue Stead            35p OCB

Janet Johnson was also presented with the most improved player cup by Jan Eves

Maria Kelly won the wonderful choclcate cake donated by Sue Stead by guessing that there were 203 decorations on the cake

monies were also raised by a plant sale and a ball sweep for the lady captains charity RNLI

14th May


1st Claire Turner   34p

2nd Jenny Frost    34p

9 holes

Val Troman           12p

Jean Bartlett New Course Shield

1st Susan Wilson    35p

2nd Jo Dixon           34p


7th May Medal

Div: 1

1st Hilda Hazell net 76

2nd Lorraine Wilson net 77

Div 2

1st Claire Turner net 73

2nd Dawn Marriott net 78

Div 3

1st Jean Drew net 73

2nd Susan Wilson net 73

9 holes

Dawn Lord 14 points


543 team Competition

1st place 76p Barbara Luxford, Zera Patel & Jenny Moggeridge

2nd place 71p Marg Triston, Viggy Thompson & Dawn Marriott


April Stableford

1st Mel Khul 40p

2nd  38p

3rd Jan Collier 37p OCB

Winifred martin

1st place Tina Yealring 39p

2nd place Janet Johnson 36p


April Medal, Dyer Cup, 1st Eclectic 9th April

Div 1 :

1st   Mel Khul                    net 75      Dyer Cup

2nd  Collette Kingswell      net 78

Div 2 :

1st   Jeannine Beckwith      net 68      (cut to 26)

2nd  Dawn Marriott             net  76

Div 3:

1st Carol Yore                     net 77

2nd Tina Yearling                net 78

Combined Stableford 2nd April

1st Place Team:

2nd place team:

Flag Competition 26th March 2019

From 1st Tee - Judy Podd

From 10th Tee - Dot Greaves

March stableford 19th March

18 holes

1st place - Irene Hoffman  31p

2nd place - Janet Johnson 29p

3rd place - OCB Jane Collier 29p

 Combined Stableford ( limited to 9 holes due to the weather)

1st  Place - Judy Podd and Lorraine Wilson- 27 points

2nd place - OCB Dot Greaves and Jane Ash - 27 Points

 Winter League 8 - 5th March

1st place - Judy Podd  26 points

2nd place - Jenny Moggeridge 24points

 123 Waltz  26th February

1st Place - Jane Collier, Mel Kuhl, Jenny Moggeridge 49 points

2nd place - Jo Dixon, Carol Manning, Irene Hoffman  44 points

 Winter league 7 19th February 2019

1st Place  - Jennine Beckwith 23points

2nd place - Janet Johnson 21 points

American Greensomes 12/2/2019

1st place - Judy Podd and Maggi Lintner 23p

2nd place - Carol Yore and Anona Straker 21p

 Winter league 6 5/2/2019

1st Place - Dot Greaves 21p

2nd Place OCB - Janet Johnson 21p

 Marked Ball 29/1/2019

1st place team score - Judy Podd, Jeanine Beckwith, Caroline Roast

 Winter League 5 22/1/2019

1st Place - 19p Susan Wilson

2nd place OCB - 18p Maggi Lintner

 Florida Texas 15/1/2019

1st place score 44.89  -  Mel Khul, Dawn Marriott, Maggi Lintner

2nd place score 48.34   -  Dot Greaves, Jo Dixon, Jenny Moggeridge

Winter league 4 8/1/2019

1st place - 23p Jeannine Beckwith 

2nd place - 22p Jane Collier

3rd place - 21p Dot Greaves