FoWL and WCA are holding a 'Kids Crafty Day' at Westcliff Library on Saturday 2nd September Tongue Out, children will be able to make the world renowned 'Monster Pen Pot' for the small cost of £2.

 Monster Pen Pot

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FoWL held their long awaited 'Quiz Night' yesterday, hosted by Gavin Ingliss and his wife. Everyone had a great evening, with the competition running close after Ron Scott managed to pip the marathon round with his fantastic knowledge of Latin creating a tie-break, where they they also managed to get the final question to win Laughing 

The evening raOverall the eveningf raised over £200 towards community facillities at the Library Smile, keep an eye out for the WCA 'Summer Fete' in association with 'FoWL' held in the Library Gardens on 16th July Cool Thanks to everyone who helped and supported the evening.


See more Pictures in the photo album, or click <here>.

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WCA (Westborough Community Association) hold another event, 'Walk The Ward' where local residents obtain sponsorship to walk the circumference of the Westborough Ward starting at the Library.


All profits this year are being given to FoWL to spend on the Library, so we are particularly grateful. Likewise being out there in the community puts the Library on the map and more people realise it is there and become aware of the services offered.

WTW Star off WTW Balloon Boy

More Photos of the day can be found in our 'Photo Album' on the left hand menu, or by clicking <here>.



The Garden Fete, was opened by the Mayor of Southend, and went better than anyone could have imagined. There was fantastic attendance, and the WCA (Westborough Community Association) stalls along with the FoWL 'Lucky Dip', were very popular.


Below are FoWL committee members, Taina, and Karen, with the local Westborough Councilor, Kevin Robinson, and then David Amess with the 'FoWL Cake'. If you want to see more pictures, just look in the 'Photo Album'.

One thing we were asking visitors, was, how we can improve your experience, and what you would like to see. Please help us and fill in the two questions in our survey <here>.

Mayor  Tania-Karen-Kevin  DAmess



On Saturday 29th August 2015, Westborough Community Association, will be hosting a 'Garden Fete' in the gardens at the back of Westliff Library in association with FoWL, both of which will have stalls with food, drink, tombola, lucky dips, and brick'a'brack Laughing try and come along, it will be between 14:00 and 16:00. The Mayor and Mayoress will be there at 14:00 to open.


If you are not aware, it is also the finals and prize giving for the Reading Record Breakers Surprised



23/06/2015 - So Philip's last day today, and he was over the moon with his card, and small gift of some champagne from the FoWL team. Philip will hopefully be logging on to the Fowl Website shortly to be able to have an ongoing input in to how things move forward.



16/06/2015 - As noted previously, the ever welcoming Philip, current manager of the Westcliff library is soon to be taking early retirement Frown, he has been a fantastic asset to the library services, and will certainly be sorely missed. His last day at the library will be next Tuesday, 23rd June, so if you know him (or even if you don't) and want to say hello and wish him well, you need to pop in before then.



 The poetic 'Toni Mair' has been in and out of Westcliff library over the past weeks training Volunteers. Toni is the main contact to recruit and organise the Volunteers, she also manages the Southend Museums Volunteers. She has just been recognised for all of her work with an award, which you may have read about in the local newspapers. If you haven't met or seen her, keep an eye out and say hello. 




25/05/2015 - Volunteers have  now started placing themselves at Westcliff Library Laughing, Philip the current manager who is soon to retire has welcomed the help, along with others in his team, and Barry (ABM - Assistant Branch Manager), have been bringing them up to speed with the 'day to day' tasks.


In a seperate note, ALL of the libraries in the region were affected by a major computer systems failure which affected the V-Smart Management system which is used to manage all the moves, stocking and security of the books. The system was down for nearly a week, and this has had lots of ramifications catching up on the work, especially as some transaction data was lost, so some book returns extra would no longer be registered!



17/04/2015 - The team started it's new set of training for the Volunteer aspect for the Library service, which we all started off to do initially Smile All went well with passes on 'Data Protection' Laughing




15/04/2015 - One of Karen's friends, kindly knitted a FoWL, 'Owl' for us, he's fantastic, let us know your thoughts at the next meeting, when hopefully you can meet him Smile




25/03/2015 - Great drone film over Leigh-on-Sea, you may need some reasonable internet bandwidth to see this Smile Click the <Link>



24/03/2015 - Chalkwell and Leigh tennis courts (Chalkwell Park) are currently being refurbished.

Court bookings will be taken on - line once finished. 




19/03/2015 - Yesterday Evening, Sharon Wheeler and Toni Mair, attended one of the local community groups WCA 'Westborough Community Association', to talk about both the changes in the library service and the new volunteer scheme.


The talk was received with a good reception and lots of positive responses and new ideas for what the community is looking for in the service, be it rest areas, ways of injecting additonal funds and the overall common desire to increase footfall. Sharon was fantastic, as was Toni who recieved a particularly good reception with her enthusiasm and desire to make the volunteer experience as enjoyable as possible for those participating Smile



17/03/2015 - In the most recent Tuesday Committee meeting the FoWL team get to meet the real people working in and for the Library service Smile



Janine Ashley, Barry Smith, Suzannah Scott, Suzannah Scott, Marion Brooke



Simon May and Sharon Wheeler



FoWL Committee