Annual Parish Assembly

Great Yeldham Annual Parish Assembly


Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly held on 9th May 2019 at 7.00 pm in The Reading Rooms, High Street, Great Yeldham.

The Assembly was attended by 12 residents.



The Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr Marlene Broomfield, opened the meeting by welcoming residents, local clubs/groups and the newly elected Parish Councillors. 



Received from Cllr Richard van Dulken (Braintree District Council)


Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly held on 12th April 2018.

Approved. A copy of the minutes was available on the Parish Council website.


Annual Reports by the County Council, District Council, Parish Council and local groups/organisations


County Councillor David Finch gave the parish an update on the work of Essex County Council and attendees took the opportunity to speak with him. A copy of Cllr Finch’s report was available on Parish Council website. Essex County Council: Key Messages: 2019/20


District Councillor Richard van Dulken’s report was available on the Parish Council website. Braintree District Council Report.


The Chairman outlined the Annual Report of the Parish Council, copies of which were available for everyone and was available on the Parish Council website. The report covered topics as diverse as Highways to Burial Ground. Actions taken during the last year were reported including the installation of the community defibrillator and the soon to be installed zip wire on the Sports and Recreation Ground, the Big Tidy Event and the appointment of the village Handyman through a £10,000 grant received from the Local Services Fund. Key actions for 2019/20 included working with the Police to recruit 2 Community Special Constables from 2020/21; continue to work with the Sports Ground Management Committee on regenerating the Recreation Ground and installation of a new car park for the cemetery. Improving car parking facilities at the Cemetery. The Chairman also thanked the Parish Clerk for all her work in attaining the Foundation Award under the Local Council Scheme for the Parish Council. Gt Yeldham Annual Report.


Other reports were received from the Ladies’ and District Club, the Cottage Garden Society, the Carpet Bowls Club and Gt Yeldham Reading Room. Copies of reports were available on the Parish Council website.



Carpet Bowls Club

Cottage Garden Society

Ladies and District Club Report

Reading Room


Open Forum

There were no questions directed to the Parish Council from the public.


Chairman's Address

The Chairman thanked all those who took part in the evening’s proceedings and looked forward to another exciting year ahead. Attendees were asked to take advantage of the information on display and to enjoy the refreshments that were available.


The meeting officially closed at 7.45pm.