Great Yeldham Annual Parish Assembly

 (meeting of parishioners)

Thursday 9th May 2019

at 7.00 pm

Reading Room, Great Yeldham



Cllr Marlene Broomfield

Chairman, Gt Yeldham Parish Council

1st May 2019


The Parish Council will be hosting the Annual Parish Assembly.


This is not a Parish Council meeting this is an opportunity for the community to come together and discuss village life, get to know what has been going on over the year, meet your new local Councillors and local organisations/groups and to give your views and ask questions.

Refreshements will be provided by Great Yeldham Parish Council.


For more information contact Tracy Wigmore, Parish Clerk on 01787 237832 or emailgreatyeldhampc@btinternet.com




  1.  Chairman's Welcome, Cllr Marlene Broomfield, Great Yeldham Parish Council


  2.  Apologies for Absence


  3.  Minutes of Previous Annual Parish Assembly held on the 12th April 2018 - click here


  4.  Annual Reports by the Parish Council and local groups/organisations


       Essex County Council - Key Messages 2019/20, County Cllr David Finch Click here

       Braintree District Council Key Achievements 2018/19 Click here

       Parish Council Annual Repot Click here

       Bowls Club Click here

       Cottage Garden Society Click here

       Ladies and District Click here

       Reading Room Click here


   5.  Public Question Time and Any Other Business


       (The Chair will receive questions from the public.)


  6.  Chairman's Address


       Summary and conclusion of the evening's proceedings