Gt Yeldham Education Foundation


The parents of children resident in the parish of Great Yeldham who will have children leaving primary school this year to attend secondary education are eligible to apply to the Foundation for a grant towards their child’s school uniform.  Please note: Residency in the parish is determined by your name being on the current edition of the Register of Electors for Great Yeldham.


For those children attending Hedingham School and Six Form, all grants offered to successful applicants are provided by way of depositing the grant money with School Trends Ltd (further information will be supplied at the time of grant award). Successful applicants can then purchase the child’s appropriate uniform from this retailer and the total cost of the uniform is defrayed by the grant money deposited and any balance becomes payable by the applicant.


The closing date for applications will be TBC July 2020 at 12 noon.  

Successful applicants will be informed by TBC July 2020

Follow link to download application form Education Foundation School Uniform Grant Application 2019


For further information please contact: Tracy Wigmore, Parish Clerk, on 01787 237832 or email




Cllr Anne Burrows 

Cllr Marlene Broomfield

Cllr Georgina Burr

Cllr John Marks