Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee

On 16th June 2017, the Parish Council received notice from Braintree District Council that the neighbourhood area application covering the extent of Great Yeldham was approved.


As part of the Neighbourhood Plan process a working agreement and relationship with volunteers of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will need to be established. The Parish Council will need to form a Neighbourhood Plan Committee for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to report.  The Neighbourhood Plan must be Parish Council led in order to be adopted by BDC, the Parish Council is responsible for spend decisions, budgeting approval and contracting any consultants and cannot hold funds or settle accounts on behalf of bodies that remain outside of Parish Council control.


The purpose of the Committee shall be to support the Parish Council to develop the Great Yeldham Neighbourhood Plan.  The Great Yeldham Neighbourhood Plan will define general planning policies for the development and use of land in the neighbourhood of Great Yeldham and once complete and reviewed by an independent qualified person, will be ratified through a referendum of the electorate within the Parish of Great Yeldham.


For further informtion on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group refer to Neighbourhood Plan on the home page


These Terms of Reference were approved by Great Yeldham Parish Council at a meeting held on 5th October 2017 (download)