Street Cleaning Working in Partnership 2018/19


Street Cleaning Agreement between Braintree District Council and Gt Yeldham Parish Council 2019/20


Full parish sweep to clean channels and gutters, schedule below as notified by Braintree District Council:


Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Wednesday 9th October 2019

Dates for 2020 to follow


Dry Recycling and Food Waste

The quality of recycling collected in the Braintree District is very high and the majority of the residents separate items very carefully. However, we know that there is still confusion about what items can/cannot be recycled and every month our crews report sacks contaminated with nappies, food, glass and polystyrene. If this goes unchecked, it can result in a whole vehicle load being rejected by the processing plant which is a huge waste of everyone’s time and effort in sorting their waste. We have therefore published a list of what items can/can’t be recycled and this can be found on our website by using the link below.

Braintree District Council are aware that many residents do not recycle their food waste, despite the fact that this is collected weekly. This waste is processed using anaerobic digestion which not only produces compost and fertilizer, but also provides a source of energy to power our homes. No amount of food waste is too small to recycle.


Recycling Sacks


The Parish Council holds a small stock of Recycling Bags which are available to local residents who need urgent supplies and can be collected from the Parish Office.


New Powers to Control Littering

From 1 April 2018, new powers come into force that will allow local authorities to almost double the maximum fixed penalty for dropping litter from £80 to £150. The minimum penalty also increases from £50 to £65 from 1 April 2019. On 12 March 2018, Cabinet approved a recommendation to adopt the new default penalty of £100, with a reduced payment of £75 if paid early. [At present, the penalty in the Braintree District is £75 reduced to £50 if paid early.]

In addition, there are new powers to discourage littering from vehicles as, for the first time, local authorities outside of London will be able to issue a Penalty Charge Notice (civil fine) to the Registered Keeper of a vehicle if it can be proven that litter was thrown from their car – even if it was discarded by someone else.
This will undoubtedly help improve cleanliness standards, particularly in relation to fast food litter. Please report any incidents you witness to Braintree District Council's Customer Services Team so they can follow up all opportunities to catch those responsible for blighting our beautiful District with litter.




Fly-tipping in the Essex countryside is a big issue but thankfully, it’s not a major problem in the Braintree District, but it pays to be vigilant. If you happen to notice any waste in the lay-bys and lanes in the parish, please report it to Braintree District Council Customer Services Centre. (Please note that the Council’s obligations are restricted to the public highway and public open space; waste dumped on privately owned land is a matter for the relevant land-owner.)

Braintree District Council can make arrangements to clear waste from privately owned land such as farmer’s fields (depending on the type and quantity of waste involved), but this would be a chargeable service. However, the Street Scene Protection Officers can investigate reports of fly-tipping on private land and will pursue enforcement action if the perpetrator can be identified.

Braintree District Council Customer Service Centre Tel: 01376 552525