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Become a member and help us to help you.  Please print the form below (best in landscape) fill it in and send or drop it in with your subscription to: Hawkwell Residents Association, 2 Englefield Close, Hawkwell, SS5 4LE or 25B Belchamps Way, Hawkwell, SS5 4NT.


Please Contact Us

Is there a problem in Hawkwell that you would like us to address or help you with?  Have you a suggestion or comment on the website?  Please email us details at: alanjames1@hotmail.com , phone us on: 01702 207297 or use the form below.  Let us know your phone number and email address especially if you have an issue in Hawkwell that you would like us to address or help you with, as cost now prevents us contacting you by post.  If you have any local issues you think we may be able to help you with please let us know and we will try our best to resolve them.



If you have not already paid your subscriptions for this year, please send it or drop it in to:  Hawkwell Residents Association, 2 Englefield Close, Hawkwell, SS5 4LE or 25B Belchamps Way, Hawkwell, SS5 4NT.

No cash by post please – however 1st and 2nd class stamps only, postal orders or cheques payable to Hawkwell Residents Association are fine.    

I enclose £……………. being my / our subscription for this year (£1 per person per calendar year) together with any additional voluntary donation.  In order to reduce costs a receipt will not be issued unless a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed.                  

If you are not already a deliverer, would you deliver the Hawkwell Residents Association Newsletter in your road or another road? (please circle)   YES / NO

Is there an issue in Hawkwell that you would like us to address or help you with?  Have you a suggestion or comment on the website?  Please email us from 'Contact Us' below including your First Name, Last Name and Address with Post Code.




Where is Hawkwell?  Hawkwell is a village in the county of Essex in the south east of the UK (map) with a population of just over 11,000.  To see local Google Street View pictures please click on links at the bottom of the History & Photos page.

Why were we formed?  We were formed in 1994 in response to the proposed local golf course on green belt farmland backing onto Rectory Road adjacent to Clements Hall Leisure Centre in Hawkwell.  Planning permission for the golf course was finally refused.  We decided to keep the association running as a voice for the people of our area.

What are our aims?  We aim to advise and assist members on a whole range of issues.  To protect and maintain local green belt.  To publish and deliver to all households in the parish of Hawkwell a regular newsletter keeping residents informed of local issues and activities. To promote social events and support charities by general fund raising. To hold monthly committee meetings inviting members as necessary.

Who can join us?  Any person over 18 and residing in the parish of Hawkwell.  The current membership subscription is £1 per person per calendar year.  The association is non-political and any person requesting to become a member of the Committee should not actively represent, support or work for any political organisation without Committee approval.  Membership for those living outside the Parish may be granted at the discretion of the committee.  Corporate membership is available at the discretion of the committee.

Our Chair is:   Angela Heath, 2 Englefield Close, Hawkwell, Essex SS5 4LE.

Our Vice Chair is:   Alan James ( also chair of Hockley RA ), 25B Belchamps Way, Hawkwell, Essex SS5 4NT.                                                   Phone: 01702 207297

Our websites are:  www.hawkwell.org and www.hawkwell.net .


Our Constitution is:

1.       The Hawkwell Residents Association (HRA) aims and objectives are to protect and promote the interests of the residents of the parish of Hawkwell with particular emphasis on the maintenance of local green belt.  To produce a regular newsletter to keep residents informed about local current affairs.  To give advice, help and assist our members on a whole range of local issues that may affect them and provide a monthly meeting to act as a regular and informal focus and forum for the local community.  When able, to promote a social circle of events based on the HRA and to support local charities by general fund raising.  The HRA is a nonpolitical organisation.

2.       Membership of the HRA shall be open to any person of eighteen years and above residing in the electoral area of Hawkwell who support the HRA's aims and objectives.  Membership for those of eighteen years and above living outside of the electoral area of Hawkwell can be granted at the discretion of the Committee.  Corporate Membership in fulfilment of either of these conditions is available at the discretion of the Committee and is treated as a single member for voting and other purposes.

3.       The governing body of the HRA shall consist of a committee of Officers undertaking the following positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Social Organiser - together with other HRA Members making a committee of up to a maximum of ten.  A quorum will be four of whom one must be an Officer.  Any Member who has been elected to a local council and represents the HRA has a right to attend Committee Meetings and vote on any matter providing that a quorum preexists.  They may also stand for election to any HRA Committee position.

4.       At the end of each year one half of the elected Committee of ''Officers and Members'' shall resign but will be eligible for immediate reelection at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  No Committee Member may stand for more than two years without offering themselves for re-election at the AGM.

5.       The Committee shall have the power to coopt in the event of unfilled positions or resignations.  Any person so coopted must offer himself or herself for election at the next AGM.

6.       The Committee shall set the annual membership fees.  The subscription year shall run from 1st. January to 31st. December. Any member having paid a subscription in the current subscription year and before the AGM has a right to vote at the AGM and to stand for election to any position on the Committee.

7.       The AGM, of which not less than seven days notice shall be given, shall be held before the end of September each year.

8.       Accounts will be made up to 31st. December for presentation at the next AGM.  The Committee shall be responsible for appointing an independent auditor as necessary.

9.       The Committee may arrange for a bank account to be opened and may place funds with any other financial institution.  Two Officers one of who must be either the Chairman or Treasurer must sign cheques and other documents.

10.    An extraordinary general meeting may be called by the Committee or by a written Resolution by not less than 25 members and stating an agenda.  The Secretary shall call this meeting within 14 days of receipt of the Resolution.

11.    No addition or alteration may be made to this Constitution except by a Resolution carried at an AGM by 70% of those voting and at least 21 days notice shall have been given in writing to the Secretary who shall embody the proposals in the notice of the meeting.

12.    The Committee shall meet at least once a month.  The Committee may at its discretion replace any Committee Member not attending meetings for three consecutive months.  Any replacement person must offer themselves for election at the next AGM.

13.    The HRA shall not make any dividend, gift or bonus in money to or between any of its members excepting small tokens of appreciation upon illness or retirement etc.

14.    Any person requesting to become a member of the Committee should not actively represent, support or work for any political organisation without Committee approval.

15.    No Committee Member shall be permitted to stand for local election to represent the HRA ''Hawkwell Residents'' party without the unanimous approval of the Committee and preferably with at least one years prior membership.  Elected representatives are expected to try and continue active membership of the HRA including attending HRA Committee Meetings.

Version 4.2 - 01/08/2009



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