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Hawkwell Residents Association 2018 Hawkwell Voice Newsletter



Our 2018 Hawkwell Voice Content


From Your Hawkwell Residents Association Established 1994

Serving Hawkwell Residents for Twenty Four Years


The Way Forward For Housing?

As with previous Rochford District Council's (RDC) housing and redevelopment plans, we find the majority of residents would understandably like things to stay as they are, but unfortunately this would appear not be an option. We therefore need to find a solution that causes the least change and disruption to what has already been made considerably worse by the current developments that have only just been started. The current building programme that runs until 2025 is already causing serious traffic jams on the existing roads with the resulting air pollution.  It has been stated that drivers in our area spend 30 hours per year in rush hour jams, the highest in our region, the second highest being Chelmsford at 23 hours per year.


We believe building more homes on green belt land that joins existing villages and towns in Rochford District is not the way forward. The existing infrastructure has taken on too much already and not just roads but services like electrics, gas, water, sewers, schools, GP surgeries, dentists and the hospital. RDC have indicated that they will include additional infrastructure this time but they have a very poor record on this so far, as the current increase in housing has produced practically none at all. We realise the reason for this is that additional housing comes from RDC and the infrastructure from Essex County Council (ECC) who provide the funds but so far this has not happened, as there hasn’t been any.


We do need additional homes for our children to buy but unfortunately most are unaffordable and many end up being used to relocate people from London councils to relatively cheaper homes in our area. We also need retirement home developments in our area that would free up existing larger homes. We notice the proposed retirement village for the brick field site in Cherry Orchard Way seems to have gone cold but we are not sure this is the best location so close to the airport.


RDC ran an online consultation on the additional housing that closed in March 2018. We thought it was bad the last time they did one but this one was much worse. Apart from the complication of registering, it just went on and on. In fact we would be surprised if many residents actually completed it. There was also the possibility to object by email or post but even the email method had issues. We are waiting now for RDC to provide us with some detailed results as requested under the freedom of information act.


The Hockley Residents Association sub-committee 'Action Groups Resisting Over-development' AGRO meet every month to discuss and tackle the Rochford District Council (RDC) new plans to build up to an additional 7,500 homes across our district. So far they have had positive meetings with our MP Mark François and Rochford District Council, and additional meetings are being planned. Please attend their monthly meetings if you feel you can make a positive contribution. Meetings are held at 7.30pm at Greensward Academy room GG27 in the Creative Arts Block next to the main car park. Please see our website 'Events' page for the latest meeting dates.



Coach Trips

Due to reduced numbers taking up the Hockley Residents Association coach trips, they have not been organised for 2018. We would like to thank Brian O'Shea for the enormous time and effort he has put into these trips over the years.






To facilitate the entrance to the 620 home development off Hall Road Rochford, a milestone was removed and reinstalled behind a fence on the developers land. We have been in touch with the Milestone Society who after a request from them we have provided photos. We are awaiting a reply to find out if they are satisfied with this situation.






Some residents get confused whether they actually live in Hawkwell or not, particularly residents living in the east of our area. In general it is residents that live north of Ironwell Lane and on the west side of Ashingdon Road, also if you have the Hawkwell Voice delivered to you door.



Single Occupier Discount

Did you know that if you are the only person aged 18 or over living in your property that you may be entitled to a 25% reduction in your Council Tax? Maybe you are a young person just starting a life away from parents or maybe an older person that has sadly lost a partner. No matter what your situation, if you are living alone you should be able to claim. In certain circumstances you may also be entitled to claim when more that one person lives in your property. For more information visit the RDC website for details: www.rochford.gov.uk/discounts-0



If you are interested in having an allotment, they are on the way in Hockley. They should be located at the back of the Folly Grove development Folly Lane in Hockley, subject to financial support and planning approval. Search for the "Hockley Allotment Society" Facebook page for the latest information.




Hockley Public Toilet Update


So far no decision has been made regarding closure of the public toilets next to and serving the Hockley Library. They seemed to be well used are in reasonable condition but could do with a fresh coat of paint. We don’t believe this is the last we will hear about this closure but we will try to do all we can to retain these facilities in Hockley and keep you, our residents informed.






Your Hawkwell Residents Association AGM will be held at 6pm in the Hawkwell Village Hall Annex on Thursday 8 August 2018.



Hockley Library

We certainly do not want to loose this service, so I would encourage our residents to use their membership now and then to get recorded on the library system. As they say “use it or loose it” and we don’t want that to happen.
Opening Times:
Monday Closed
Tuesday 9.00 - 5.30
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 9.00 - 5.30
Friday 9.00 - 5.30
Saturday 9.00 - 5.30
Sunday Closed
Southend Road, Hockley, SS5 4PZ


Email: hockley.library@essex.gov.uk
Renewals and enquiries: 03456 037628




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