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Help Sheet 1                 Getting started 
Help Sheet 2 Refreshing your website
Help Sheet 3 Adding Applications 
Help Sheet 4 Creating Your Own Content Pages 
Help Sheet 5 Adding Images, Documents and Links 
Help Sheet 6 Advanced - using includelets on your website
Help Sheet 7 Adding a Photo Album  
Help Sheet 8 Building a Survey 
Help Sheet 9 Adding Events  Updated
Help Sheet 10 Weblogs and Noticeboards  Updated
Help Sheet 11 Useful Links   
Help Sheet 12 Discussions 
Help Sheet 13 Job Listings 
Help Sheet 14  Classified Ads  Updated
Help Sheet 15 FAQ
Help Sheet 16 RSS Feeds  
Help Sheet 17 Our Files
Help Sheet 18 Statistics
Help Sheet 19 Private Area
Help Sheet 20 Petitions  
Help Sheet 21 Form Builder    Updated
Help Sheet 22 Users & Permissions 
Guidance for Councillors on Creating a Web Site
Hints & Tips
Writing for the Web - a guide for creating content on your website
Web benefits - the benefits of having a website and how it can help your organisation
Promote your website - how to get the most from your website
Good Practice Guide - a guide to sites which have made good use of the features available
Discussion forum -  Need some advice or maybe you've got some hints and tips you would like to share with other users?

We review these help sheets regularly and welcome feedback.  If you need any further help please contact us 

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