THE PARISH COUNCIL NEEDS YOUR HELP …….. If you are a resident affected by the increase in aircraft noise, please consider making a complaint when either a noisy flight goes overhead or about a noise problem in general.


Please see the Stop Stansted Expansion website for up to date information,


Januay 2019


High Easter Parish Council's letter to the Secretary of State asking for the latest application to be decided at national level, HEPC_letter_to_SoS_-_010119.pdf


April 2018

The response to the Stansted Airport planning application to increase passgenger numbers can be viewed here HEPC_response_to_UDC_re_Flight_Increases_FINAL_VERSION_-_Apr_2018.pdf 


May 2017

Post Implementation Review of Departure Routes closed in May 2017.  The response from High Easter Parish Council can be viewed here, HEPC_response_to_NATS_PIR_-_May_2017.pdf including this attachment Cole_Jarman_Repsonse_to_High_Easter_noise_report_questions_-_January_17.pdf

The CAA has yet to produce its report on the reivew; this is expected in late 2017.


January 2017

The Government has published a consultation on night flight restrictions at designated airports which includes Stansted.  The current restrictions expire in October of this year and the consultation details the Department of Transports proposals for the restrictions that should replace them, these will remain for 5 years.  Details of the consultation can be viewed at this link,  High Easter Parish Council responses can be viewed here, HEPC_DfT_Night_Flight_Restrictions_Consultation_Response_Feb_17.pdf


December 2016

Details of who to write to can be viewed here, HOW_TO_COMPLAIN_ABOUT_AIRCRAFT_NOISE.pdf


November 2016

The results of the noise monitoring report can be viewed on the Stansted Airport website at this link,  Analysis is currently being completed by the Parish Council and Stop Stansted Expansion.  More information to follow .........


September and October 2016

High Easter Parish Council letter sent to the CAA, HEPC_Letter_to_CAA_-_September16.pdf

CAA response to High Easter Parish Council, HEPC_CAA_response_to_letter_Sept_16001.pdf

High Easter Parish Council statement and question to the Stansted Airport Consultative Committee (STACC) meeting on 5th October 2016, HEPC_statement_and_question_to_STACC_-_Sept_2016.pdf


How to complain


Residents should make their views known directly to Stansted Airport using the Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) website form here


Using the form via the Stop Stansted Expansion group’s website allows your complaint to be noted and used in SSE arguments, whilst also being forwarded to the Stansted Airport noise complaint team.  Stansted Airport has stated that complaints about intensification of flights and noise will be forwarded to NATS and the CAA.


Alternatively, letters should be addressed to Stansted Airport at Noise Communications Team, Enterprise House, Stansted Airport, Essex CM24 1QW.  Please note, Stansted Airport’s telephone line for noise complaints 0800 243 788 is currently disconnected.




In February 2016, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved a proposal to move all aircraft departing Stansted airport from the south east Dover (Detling) routes to the easterly Clacton routes.  They stated their primary reason for making the change was because aircraft departing towards Kent were becoming more inefficient as the airspace they fly through becomes more congested.


High Easter was one of the ‘losers’ in this decision and the Parish Council, residents, SSE and others, strongly objected to the proposal, see the Parish Councils response, here …. HEPC_Response_to_NATS_Sep14.pdf


As a result, High Easter has seen the number of flights overflying the village double, to a level where approximately 70% (source NATS consultation document) of all flights departing Stansted airport fly directly over the village at heights between 4,000 and 7,000ft.  There is a further trial and consultation awaiting approval which sees aircraft using navigation equipment to maintain a centre line within the 3km wide noise preferential routes.  The impact will be to concentrate aircraft routing over a much narrower corridor.   The Parish Council’s response to this consultation can be viewed here ……  High_Easter_PC_-_Stansted_PBN_Response_Nov_15.pdf


Since the change implemented in February and as evidenced by the correspondence received and minutes of High Easter Parish Council meetings, the level of complaints and issues about noise and disturbance has increased significantly as residents have become aware of the impact of these changes.


The CAA process requires a review to be carried out12 months after implementation, but it is important evidence is submitted now in order that those making the decisions hear the views of those impacted by their decisions, as well as collective views from Parish Councils and others.


What else


Residents are encouraged to let your District Councillor know of the impacts of the change and how it has affected you in your particular location. You might also consider contacting your local Member of Parliament.


The Stansted Airport Consultative Committee has local community representation and you can contact this committee through its Secretary Frank Evans via or write to Frank Evans, Secretary STACC, 48 Windermere Avenue, Eastcote, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 9RF and telephone 0208 868 1662.


You can correspond directly with NATS and the CAA at the following addresses:


NATS can be contacted via or write to NATS, 4000 Parkway, Whiteley, Fareham, Hants PO15 7FL and telephone 01489 616001


CAA can be contacted via or write to Civil Aviation Authority, 45-59 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TE and telephone 020 7379 7311.


If you believe that a complaint or representation has not been adequately answered then you can refer it to the Department of Transport via or write to Aviation Noise Policy, Aviation Environmental Division, Department of Transport, Great Minister House, 76 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DR.


For more information, please contact the Clerk or Cllr Neil Reeve