I am Rich and I am the Co-ordinator for the High Garrett Neighbourhood Watch.


Neighbourhood Watch schemes are run by their members through a Co-ordinator and are supported by the Police and in many Divisions, a local Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Schemes can vary in size. A volunteer resident Co-ordinator supervises the scheme and liaises with the Police, they receive information and messages to keep them in touch with activities, and some have marker kits, alarms and other security items, which are available to members.  I am always in contact with the local Policing Team so I can pass over any concerns you may have.

This Neighbourhood Watch scheme is interlinked with the High Garrett Community Association. Members of the Community Association will receive email alerts when updated crime reports and Neighbourhood alerts are posted on this site.

The area covered by this scheme can be found at http://www.essexinfo.net/high-garrett-community-association/general-information/boundary-of-high-garrett/

To keep up to date and receive email alerts please go to http://www.essexinfo.net/high-garrett-community-association/ and request membership, if you have not already done so.


If you would also like to register as a member of your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme if you are unsure then do email and we can find out if there is one running and pass your details over to the shceme  Then please email us at nhw-highgarrett@outlook.com or if you prefer by emailing me directly. 


If you have any concerns please do get in contact with us at nhw-highgarrett@outlook.com


Richard  - Co-ordinator for High Garrett Neighbourhood Watch

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