Hawkwell Residents Association


Hockley Residents Association


Unfortunately the Hockley Residents Association, serving the community for many years, has wound up due to administration issues. The good news is that Hawkwell Residents Association, 25 years old this year, has agreed to step in and continue the Hockley meetings as a sub committee. I will continue to chair these meetings on a monthly basis using our usual room GG27 in Greensward Academy Creative Arts Block next to the main car park and Lynda Sharp has agreed to be vice chair in case I am not available.

The Hockley Residents Association sub committee AGRO (Action Groups Resisting Overdevelopment) meetings will also continue as they do now in our Greensward Academy room but as a Hawkwell Residents Association sub committee. The meetings will normally be chaired by chair Jim Hall or vice chair Jim Cripps.

In general residents attending these meetings will not notice any changes and I will continue to send out info to about 150 residents on my email list. If you would like to be added or deleted from this list please email me at alan.james145@talktalk.net These meetings are run by people like you on a completely voluntary basis. The Hawkwell Residents Association is not affiliated to any political organisation, all residents are welcome to attend these Hockley meetings.

I'm sure like me you would want to keep Hockley and Hawkwell as nice places to live in and have some influence on any future changes. Please contact me to join us or to find out if we can help you with any local issues you may have in Hockley or Hawkwell. For detail of all meetings please see the hawkwell.org “Events Calendar” page.


Hawkwell Residents Association