Meeting Minutes




Hockley Residents Association –



Minutes of Hockley Residents Association Meeting held on Tuesday the 8 April 2018 at 7.30 pm in Greensward Academy chaired by Chair Alan James. The residents’ meeting was attended by 7 members / visitors and the following topics were discussed:



1. AGRO sub-committee are running separate meetings to tackle the RDC additional homes plan.


2. Alan James's Hockley shops and business report.


3. Alan James's Hockley local publication and website report.


4. Brian O'Shea's Day Centre report.


5. Brian O'Shea's Planning report.


6. John Worden has reported that the auditor has completed the first 3 years accounts. Bank mandate – no news.


7. Rubbish on Bullwood Hall footpath has got worse. David Claydon has reported it to RDC – no news.


8. Pollution monitoring in Hockley. Results have been published – closed.


9. Folly Lane new homes and allotments – no news.


10. Church Road traffic. Carole Weston is concerned and is trying to get the slow down sign repaired.


11. WAG will asking ECC for additional parking restrictions for the Westerings School area – no news.


12. Bullwood Hall development – no news.


13. AJ has been informed that the Hall Lane milestone is on the developers land and now technically belongs to them. AJ has sent photos to the Milestone Society – no news.


14. Concerns that parking restrictions are not being enforced. Mandy Johnston will phone Mike Steptoe (RDC).


15. Carole Western reported on Pulpit Close parking issues – closed.


16. Dangerous parking near Hockley Railway Station.


17. Adrian Eves reported that ECC has no current plans to close the library.


18. Sharon Scarfe is investigating a survey in Beckney Woods.



Chair Alan James closed the meeting.




This document will form the Agenda for our next meeting to be held on:


Tuesday 12 June 2018 at 7.30 pm at Greensward Academy


Our meetings are held in Room GG27 in the Creative Arts Block next to the main car park. They start at 7.30pm usually on the second Tuesday of the month, unless it's half term and chaired by Alan James (01702 207297 / 07741 410829 / All are welcome to attend our Monthly Meetings to discuss current issues effecting Hockley. We cannot guarantee we will resolve your issues but we may be able to point you in the right direction towards resolution. Please note AGRO meetings are normally on the following Thursdays at the same time and venue.