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*** All 550 Meters Installed Are Illegal***

and the Boiler has broken again.


And what are St. Georges Comical Housing Association doing about it? NOTHING - just drinking tea and planning their next four day week.



Everyone who lives on The Langdon Hills Estate, knows that the Community Heating System is expensive, unreliable and a blight on the lives of all the residents who have to put up with it. We get poor heating, cold showers, appalling service and sky high bills while Basildon Council and St Georges Housing don’t even listen to our complaints and concerns. It’s time for us to get together and make sure we get the heating system we deserve and pay for.




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Do you find the heating system a con, - Too Expensive - Doesn’t Work Properly - Badly Run and Administered - Inaccurate Bills - Meters That Overrun - Complaints Ignored - Problems Dismissed - Still Get Billed Even if You Switch it Off. - Nobody at Basildon Council Takes Responsibility – Everyone Passes the Buck - Why does nothing ever get done about it?

You are not alone – Many, many residents are trying to fight for their rights and failing in the face of indifference, incompetence or bullying from those who are paid to look after and administer the system on our behalf, Basildon District Council.

Lets do something about it;

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Send Your Complaints to:
St Georges Community Housing
5-8 Dunton Court
Aston road
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