ILW Bradwell Latest 9-16

The Impact of the proposed Magnox waste Strategy at Bradwell Site

There are currently two planning applications going through ECC Minerals and Waste Planning Department -

One for the permission to utilise the vacant space in the Bradwell ILW store for approximately 160-180 packages  - 10 from Sizewall and 170 from Dungeness (ESS/14/16/MAL - importation and temporary storage of Intermediate Level Waste) and the other (ESS/15/16/MAL - to vary condition 3 (restricton on importation) of original planning permission ESS/43/12/MAL to temporarily suspend condition 3 to allow the importation of packeged ILW from Magnox sites Sizewell "A" and Dungeness "A" into the Bradwell sites existing IL Storage facility for the period up to 2023.

This waste is eventually going to be transferred into a national GDF (Geological Deposal Facility) when it is built which is likely not to be available until between 2040-2060.

The route management plan has not yet been decided either and it is likley that 80% of the containers will come in via rail at Southminster and then be transported the rest of the way by road.  Problems traversing Station Road and North Street, Southminster have been highlighted and it has been mentioned that the old nuclear flask route might be used where originally the roads were improved for this purpose.  This is all to be confirmed and should also be subject to local consultation.


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