Council Offices, Ogilvie Hall, Wignall Street, Lawford, Essex, CO11 2JG


Telephone: 01206 395898 

    Mobile: 07934140523



 The Clerk is available between 09.00am and 1.00pm Monday to Thursday

Please note: the offices are not open to the public, please ring the bell and the Clerk will come to the door.  



 There have been problems uploading documents to Councils Website.  If there is a particular document you require and it has not been uploaded, please contact the Clerk.



Information and News

  • 13.11.19 - Council is aware of parking in the layby near the railway bridge on Station Road, it has been reported to NEPP and the Considerate Parking Initiative.
  • 30.09.19 - PLEASE NOTE: to report missed refuse collections please either telephone 01255 686788/686868 or complete the form at
  • 12.06.19 -  Notice of Public Rights
  • 15.05.19 - The Monthly Council Meetings will now be held in the SMALL HALL, Ogilvie Hall, Wignall Street and NOT in the Wignall Room.
  • 05.02.19 - Council has been advised the outages on both sides of the lower part of Colchester Road relate to a power supply issue which has been reported to UKPN.
  • 16.01.19 - PLEASE NOTE: TO REPORT STREET LIGHT OUTAGES SEE THE FOLLOWING MAP AND REPORT TO THE RELEVANT DEPARTMENT. Map of ownership of Street Lights in Lawford.  Please advise the Parish Council if lights in their ownership are out (providing an address outside which the light is situated) and report outages of lights owned by ECC to ECC Tel:03456037631.  Outages on Summers Park should be reported to Rose Builders Tel: 01206 392613, or to ECC once handed over.