The Parish Clerk - Mrs Peachey, is available in the Parish Office between 09.00am - 1.00pm Monday to Thursday and can be contacted during those hours.

Council Offices, Ogilvie Hall, Wignall Street, Lawford, Essex, CO11 2JG 

    Telephone: 01206 395898      Mobile: 07934140523 Email:

Please note: the offices are not open to the public, therefore please ring the bell and the Clerk will come to the door.  

  If you have an urgent matter and need to speak to a Councillor go to the Councillors tab, where you will find Councillors contact details. 


There have been problems uploading documents to Councils Website.  If there is a particular document you require and it has not been uploaded, please contact the Clerk.


Due to holiday the Council Office will be closed until 7th January 2019 

If you have an urgent matter during this time, please  contact a councillor,

whose details can be found on this website or council's noticeboards.



Information and News April 2018 - March 2019:

  • 17.12.18 - If you are reporting street light outages please also provide the address outside                                    which the light situated.
  • 17.12.18 - Street Light outages in Cavendish Drive and Cambridge Drive have been reported.                      There may be more serious issues than simply changing the light unit therefore may take                      a little longer to resolve.  
  • 05.11.18 - Awards received for Lawford's Recreation Grounds
  • 25.10.18 - Meeting dates for 2019
  •                   FOR NOTE: There will be NO COUNCIL MEETING on 17 December 2018
  • 08.11.18 - Information can be obtained regarding Wheelie Bin introduction at            


  • 29.08.18 - The times of the Finance and Personnel, Policies and Regulations Committees have been 
  •                   changed - PPG is now at 7pm and Finance is at 8pm.
  • 06.06.18 - Exercise of Public Rights   





Contact Information

The Council Offices,
Ogilvie Hall,
Wignall street,
CO11 2JG

01206 395898