Latest news Updated 20/4/2015

Tesco have now withdrawn their proposal to build a supermarket in Lawford/Manningtree all planning gains obtained through the building of this supermarket have now been lost forever and the 3 sites are up for sale.

Bye laws now in place for the 3 play areas. 

The proposal from Essex County Council to switch off their controlled street lights from midnight till 5am came into force in March 2014. Please note this does not include the lights owned and maintained by Lawford Parish Council.

For updates on the proposed Dale Hall development please go to the Dale Hall Development section.

The winter salt sacks have been delivered and are stored in the yard of Valley Garden Supplies in Wignall Street.If you want a sack please go there and take one but once these have gone there will be no more so please take enough for your needs. There is not enough to go round the whole of Lawford. 

There will be an uncontested election in May 2015

There is the possibility of a housing estate being built on the land at the junction of Clacton Road/Long Road/Dead Lane mostly in Mistley with a small section in Lawford. An exhibition has been held and local views called for by the developers. The report from the questionaires has not been received yet (this is not being completed by Lawford Parish Council). This area is outside the District Councils proposals for the local plan. There has not been an application lodged as yet therefore Lawford Parish Council will not comment until a planning application has been submitted. This is standard Lawford Parish Council policy.