Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Parish council held on Monday, 21st May 2012 at 7.15 pm in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall. 

1/1213 Present

Councillors Mr D Ashley, Mr T Barrett, Mr D Elkin, Mr C Guglielmi, Mrs V Gugliemi, Mr B Jacobs, Mrs J Langstone, Mr D Macdonald, Mr G Payne and Mr. B. Rolfe

Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk).

Also Present:

Ms L Price (Harwich and Manningtree Standard)

4 members of the public. 

Mr D Ashley (vice chairman) chaired the meeting 

2/1213 Election of Chairman

Cllr. A Coley was unanimously elected Chairman for the year 2012/2013.

Proposed by Mr B Rolfe, Seconded Mrs V Guglielmi 

3/1213 Election of Vice Chairman 

Cllr D Ashley was unanimously elected Vice Chairman for the year 2012/2013

Proposed by Mr B Rolfe Seconded Mr B Jacobs.

4/1213 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from: - Cllrs, Mr R Ling, Mr. A. Coley, Mr J O’Mara and Mrs L Pallett 

5/1213 Appointment of Officers, Committees and Representatives.

a] Finance Committee – (plus Chairman and Vice Chairman.)

1. Mr B Rolfe

2. Mr C Guglielmi

3. Mr. R. Ling.

4. Mr D Macdonald

5. Mrs J Langstone 

b] Amenity/ Environmental Committee (plus chairman and vice chairman).

1. Mr. J O’Mara.

2 Mr. B Jacobs

3. Mrs V Guglielmi

4. Mr D Elkin

6. Mr T Barrett 

c] Planning Committee.

1. Mr G Payne

2. Mr. A Coley.

3. Mrs V Gugliemi.

4. Mr. R. Ling.

5. Mr. B. Rolfe 

d) Highways Committee ( plus chairman and vice chairman).

1. Mrs J Langstone

2. Mr R Ling.

3. Mr. D Elkin.

4. Mrs L Pallett.

5. Mr B Jacobs

6 Mr. B. Rolfe 

e) Personnel Committee ( plus chairman and vice chairman).

1. Mrs J Langstone

2. Mr B Jacobs. 

f]Representative to the Passenger Transport Group.

1. Attended by Manningtree Town Council. 

g] Voting Representative to the Essex Association of Local Councils.

Mr B Rolfe 

h] Voting representative to the Tendring Assoc. of Local Councils.

1 Mr D Macdonald 

i] Representative to the Ogilvie Hall Management Committee.

1. Mr A Coley 

j] Voting Representative to the Essex Ass. of Larger Councils’ Forum.

1. Mr B Rolfe 

k] Representative to the E.C.C. Local Footpaths.

1. Mrs L Pallett. 

l] Representative for Health Matters.

1 Mrs V Guglielmi

m] Representatives for Leech’s Educational Foundation-3 members.

1. Mr A Coley. 

2. Mr D Ashley. 

3. Mr D Elkins. 

n] Representative P.C.S.O./police committee 

1. Mr A Coley.

2. Mr T Barrett

o) Representative Mayflower Line 

1. Mrs L Pallett

q) Manningtree Business Chamber

Mr D Macdonald 

r) 3 Parishes Trust

1 Mr D Macdonald