The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 15th April 2013 in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall at 7.15 pm. 

204/1213 Present

Councillors: Mr A Coley, Mr D Ashley, Mr T Barrett, Mrs J Collier, Mrs J Goodchild, Mr C Guglielmi, Mrs V Gugliemi, Mrs J Langstone, Mr D Macdonald, Mr J O’Mara, Mrs L Pallett, Mr G Payne, Miss V Pretty and Mr B Rolfe.

Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk).

Also Present:

 C Wilkin (Harwich and Manningtree Standard)

3 members of the public. 

205/1213 Apologies were received from:

Cllrs Mr R Ling and Mr K Simons (District Councillor). 

206/1213 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 18th March 2013, having already been circulated were accepted and approved and the action points reviewed. Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded Mrs V Guglielmi. 

207/1213 Matters Arising


208/1213 Open Session    

1 Member of the public wanted to know what the newly erected poles by Parrington Way were for, we have not been informed so we will wait and see.

1 Member of the public wanted to know the latest on the car parking at Queensway/Station Road.

Police. Not present and apologies sent, the figures for March had been distributed and showed a decrease in reported crime since the turn of the year.

District Council. A120, Essex County Council are considering closing the gaps at the accident black spot but will do a study on the alternative routes that are close by as this junction will have to be closed to do this work. They are looking at traffic calming measures as well with CCTV and a roundabout ideas being looked at. The elections in Harwich which were held recently were not included with the County Council elections, the date was chosen by Harwich Town Council.

County Councillor. Not present 

209/1213 Finance

a) Direct Debit

EON Energy                          (Street lights unmetered supply)                 £273.72

BT                                        (Office communications broadband etc)       £59.34

Ogilvie Hall                            (Office Rent)                                             £300.00

        b) The following items of expenditure were approved and cheques signed

Salaries and Wages                                                                              £1337.36

Inland Revenue                                                                                     £309.23

D Hitchcock                          (Expenses)                                              £37.47

D Thurlow                             (Expenses)                                              £54.50

Nantmor Blinds                     (Office blinds)                                           £158.12

Mistley Parish Council           (PCSO Contract)                                      £3142.38

Landscape Services              (Grass Cutting)                                         £1200.00

Ogilvie Hall                           (Room Rent)                                             £44.62

EALC                                  (Affiliation)                                                 £654.28

Lyreco                                 (Office Bits)                                               £28.79

Identilabel                            (Sign)                                                        £47.70

A & J Lighting                      (Lighting Contract)                                      £2041.92

 Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded by Mr C Guglielmi

c) Grants and Affiliations.

Grand Theatre of Lemmings are organising an event to commemorate the market being on its present site for 50 years, this will replace the beach bash. This will be referred to the finance committee. Mrs J Collier and Mr D Macdonald declared an interest.

The Manifest Theatre are raising money to build an extension and disabled toilets, this will be referred to the finance committee.

 Action Clerk to ensure cheques are posted

210/1213 Planning                                                              

a) Planning Applications

               13/00266/LUPROP, Mr & Mrs J Watkins, Proposed rear extension. 25 Cavendish Drive Lawford. Recommendation  No Objection.

               13/00252/FUL, Ms Christine Kimberley, Side extension to existing property to be used as an annexe. Hungerdown Cottage Hungerdown Lane Lawford. Recommendation. No Objection/Neutral, Please Note, a) Unattractive design looks like a separate dwelling. b) Would look better if the proposed roof joined the existing one, c) As it can be seen from the road and is under 4 metres from the road a site visit is recommended. Has now been withdrawn.

               13/00177/FUL, Mrs Stefanie Crouch, UPVC conservatory, 10 Hunter Drive Lawford, Recommendation. No Objection/Neutral, Please Note

a) As the windows are on South side of dwelling neighbours views should be taken into account

               13/00307/FUL, Mr & Mrs Luke Saunders, Single storey rear extension. 9 Lydgate Close Lawford, Recommendation No Objection.

               13/00303/FUL,Mr Brian Mead, Replacement of wooden framed single glazed conservatory with identical double glazed windows in white PVC frames all on existing dwarf brick wall. 7 Parrington Way Lawford. Reccommendation No Objection.

b) The planning decisions of Tendring District Council were noted.

c) Mr C Guglielmi addressed the fact that although he was the portfolio holder for planning he had no voting rights on any Tendring District Council planning decisions.

d) The number of advertisement boards, size and colour of these boards that are appearing on the entrances to the Industrial Estate was raised

Action Clerk to ensure comments posted on TDC web site. Mr C Guglielmi will ask officers of Tendring District Council to pay a visit and inspect. 

211/1213 Highways

                The next committee will be on 13th May 7.00pm where the Queensway parking issue will be discussed, replies have now stopped coming in, there was a 37% return.

                There are still a lot of pot holes with more being reported. 

212/1213 Amenities.

                There will be a committee meeting on 13th May 8pm.

                The commemorative tree for Barry Jacobs has been ordered. 

213/1213 Police Matters

            A new PCSO has joined the Mistley team as a replacement and she will be meeting the three chairman on 23/4/2013.She is an experienced officer who is keen to join the Mistley Team.

                The liaison meeting minutes had been circulated. The main points apart from the new PCSO were that suspects had been caught for a lot of the burglaries and catalytic convertors thefts. It is hoped to arrange a meeting with the head teacher of Highfields Primary School who have had a lot of thefts at their site.         

214/1213 Tesco 

            They have now come back to us and it would appear due to time wasted with appeals the schedule date for constructing the store has been delayed and it would appear that planning conditions will be discharged in 2014 with the hoped for store opening in autumn 2015. The site at present is not in to bad a condition but we want Tendring District Council to ensure they inspect regularly to ensure this.

Action Clerk to write to TDC asking for the site to be inspected regularly.

215/1213 3 Parishes Trust

The latest newsletter has gone out; the AGM was poorly attended due to the weather. They are continuing to fund raise with the Co-op supporting them. The youth shelter is progressing with a licence being close to agreement the next stage will be a planning application and fencing. There is still £1008 available for non-profit community events. The trim trail project has been passed to Mistley Parish Council. New projects are being considered but the steps project is at present on hold.

A discussion arose regarding the amount of litter that accumulates around the seat on the riverbank and it was decided to write to Manningtree Town Council to see if they could ask the Co-op to provide a litter bin at this spot.

Action Clerk to write to Manningtree Town Council.

216/1213 Office Refurbishment.  

                Nearly completed the new computer has been installed. The newsletter is being printed and In-touch is giving us a quote for delivery. The parish surgeries will start on May 11th for a 3 month trial.

217/1213 AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)

                We had received a request from Mistley Parish Council to support their idea for the change of AONB boundary in Mistley. There is a meeting in Weeley regarding The AONB project which 3 members of the council are attending. The following proposals were put forward

a)       We support the idea of AONB in principle.

b)       We support Mistleys changes

Both these proposals were agreed and we will be kept informed of how this project is going. 

        There is a seminar at Weeley 22/4/2013 which 3 councillors are attending

Action Clerk to write to Mistley Parish Council.

218/1213 First World War.           

There is an idea to commemorate the outbreak of the first world war the actual date is 28th July 2014, suggestions are required.

219/1213 Other Meetings Attended by Councillors

                Mrs J Collier reported that the Easter Event had been very successful with positive feedback and events being held locally are becoming widely known. The tourism leaflet is being printed with 10,000 copies being done. She is meeting with Tendring District Councils tourism portfolio holder to discuss tourism in the area. The business chamber has taken over the licence of the market place and hope to move the market to a Wednesday.

                A meeting had been held to discuss the setting up of a foodbank; the meeting had been addressed by a lady who runs one in Ipswich. A lot of research will have to be carried out before anything similar can be achieved locally.

                A Representative had attended a meeting with Roses ahead of their planning application. There had been no major changes to their plans.

            The personnel committee had met and the terms of reference (already circulated) were agreed by this council.