The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 18th February 2013 in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall at 7.15 pm.
169/1213 Present
Councillors: Mr A Coley, Mr D Ashley, Mr T Barrett, Mrs J Goodchild, Mrs J Langstone, Mr R Ling, Mr D Macdonald, Mr J O’Mara, Mrs L Pallett, Mr G Payne, Miss V Pretty and Mr B Rolfe. 
Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk). 
Also Present:
 L Price (Harwich and Manningtree Standard)
6 members of the public.
170/1213 Apologies were received from: 
Cllrs, Mr C Guglielmi, Mrs V Gugliemi, and Mr K Simons (District Councillor).
The chairman gave an update on Mr C Guglielmi who has been in hospital. He is progressing well.
171/1213 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 28th January 2013, having already been circulated were accepted and approved. Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded Mr R Ling.
172/1213 Matters Arising
173/1213 Open Session
1 Member of the public spoke about trying to get faster broadband via independent companies. He promised to provide details to the clerk.
 Police. Not present the figures for January had already been circulated.
District Council. Not present, no report to hand    
County Councillor. Not present
174/1213 Finance
a) Direct Debit
EON Energy(Street lights unmetered supply)£273.72
BT(Office communications broadband etc)£59.34
Ogilvie Hall(Office Rent)£300.00
b) The following items of expenditure were approved and cheques signed
Salaries and Wages  £1337.36
Inland Revenue£309.23
D Hitchcock(Expenses)£37.47
D Thurlow(Expenses)£54.50
A & J Lighting(Light Faults)£288.30
B M Porter(Office Decoration)£295.00
Top Floors(Office carpeting)£683.85
B Rolfe(Expenses)£32.40
J Goodchild(Expenses)£32.40
Mr B Rolfe and Mrs J Goodchild declared an interest.
Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded by Miss V Pretty
c) Grants and Affiliations.  
Rotary Club Young musician of the year competition, Miss V Pretty declared an interest but informed the meeting that the competition had been brought forward on the advice of music teachers and that winners went on to play in other competitions and orchestras. The council decided to support an individual category and give a grant of £70.00 Proposed Mr J O’Mara.
175/1213 Planning
a) Planning Applications
13/00088/FUL, Mr & Mrs Phillips, Change of use from public house with living accommodation to a single dwelling house. The Kings Arms Wignall Street Lawford. No Objection/Neutral Please note have all market viability tests been carried out
13/00089/LBC, Mr & Mrs Phillips, Alterations to building in association with change of use to a single dwelling house. The Kings Arms Wignall Street Lawford. No Objection/Neutral Please note have all market viability tests been carried out
13/00095/FUL, Mr & Mrs Adam Smith, Single storey rear extension, 10 Wignall Street Lawford Manningtree. No Objection.
b) The planning decisions of Tendring District Council were noted.
176/1213 Highways
The minutes of the committee meeting had been circulated
The letter regarding parking on the Westfield estate had been delivered to each house and we await replies.
The station car park is virtually full every weekday it was decided to write to the railway company, NCP and Mr B Jenkin (MP) to enquire whether an extension to the car park can be provided.
Parents collecting children from Lawford Primary School are starting to park on the greensward in Meadway and it will start to spoil the grass surface. It was decided to ensure the PCSO’s patrol there regularly and to ask the school to put an article in the newsletter on this subject.
We are trying to contact the highways panel rep for Tendring district with out much luck at present
2 councillors had attended a forum where the portfolio holder for highways was to speak. He could not make it and there was a stand-in in place. They reported that all parishes in Essex are as frustrated as Lawford in trying to get things done and are not happy with the highways department. All the problems we faced with the highways dept were duplicated over the rest of the county. 
177/1213 Amenities.
The minutes of the latest committee had been circulated.
There was a proposed Bi-annual event to be held at Furze Hills with the first one to be in 2014. 2 proposals were put forward
a)To support this event b) to pledge £2,500 towards the event, proposed Mr A Coley, carried unanimously.
We are obtaining quotes for the Riverview car park, School lane play equipment, School Lane MUGA, car parks and fencing
We are hoping to extend the lease at Riverview (which expires this year) to a 50-year lease.
Biffaward have been an inspected the work we carried out with their grant money. 
178/1213 Police Matters 
One of the PCSO’s, which we fund has left (last day 8th February) and at present no replacement has been found. There is to be a meeting between the chairs of the 3 councils and the District Commander on 1st March to discuss the situation and the contract, which is due for renewal this year.
The crime figures for January had been circulated and it showed a marked increase in reported crimes especially in the area of catalytic convertors being stolen. It was decided to enquire whether there is a way of marking these convertors to deter this crime. Highfields School has been broken into again although nothing was taken they were obviously after laptops again and it was the same method of entry. The school have changed the way the sensors operate in calling the police (now on the first trigger). It was decided to contact the school to see if we could be of any assistance in this matter
179/1213 Tesco
They had not come back to us with any information at present.
180/1213 Foundry Court
 Mrs L Pallett declared an interest. It would appear that the day centre is closing and next week is the last one and there will be a farewell party. It would appear this is due to the lack numbers attending. It is proposed to bus any attendees into Clacton or Colchester.
The lunch club is doing well at present with about 100 meals a week. It is hoped to run this club next year. 
There is an open meeting this Friday.
181/1213 3 Parishes Trust
A newsletter has been sent out. The AGM is to be held on March 11th. The youth shelter is still ongoing.
182/1213 Office Refurbishment.
The Office has now been decorated, carpeted and shelving bought. It is still hoped to have a councillor’s surgery in place by April.
183/1213 Vacancy
The closing date has now passed and notices removed. The committee will meet to discuss the applicants.
184/1213 Meetings attended by councillors
The business chamber had met and the bi-annual event was discussed along with the business rate. They had put in a bid to run the market when the lease expires. The tourist brochure is still being prepared. The Easter event is being organised.
A meeting of the Ogilvie Hall management committee revealed that 2 of the heating boilers would have to be replaced. The hearing loop is to be provided.
Mrs J Goodchild had attended an EALC course and found it very informative.