The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 28th January 2013 in the Small Hall, Ogilvie Hall at 7.15 pm.
152/1213 Present
Councillors: Mr A Coley, Mr D Ashley, Mr T Barrett, Mrs J Goodchild, Mr C Guglielmi, Mrs J Langstone, Mr R Ling, Mr D Macdonald, Mr J O’Mara, Mrs L Pallett, Mr G Payne, and Miss V Pretty. 
Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk). 
Also Present:
 L Price (Harwich and Manningtree Standard)
2 members of the public.
153/1213 Apologies were received from
Cllrs, Mrs V Gugliemi, Mr B Rolfe and Mr K Simons (District Councillor)
154/1213 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 17th December 2012, having already been circulated were accepted and approved. Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded Miss V Pretty
There was a problem raised with minute 142/1213 and the number of proposals put forward whether it was one or two the clerk had checked his notes and he only had one proposal written down and one vote, this concerned voting for the local plan itself not just any new development. This explanation was accepted.
155/1213 Matters Arising
156/1213 Open Session
1 Member of the public spoke about an Easter event to be held on March 31st in Manningtree Town centre and not on the Walls. She has applied for a road closure and hopes it will be well supported.
Police. Not present the figures for December had already been circulated.
District Council. The TDC financial settlement from the government for 2014/15 will be cut by 1.3% and 5.3% in the year 2015/16 and a further savings of £3.3 million will have to be found, this will put pressure on future services. A large proportion of this will be made up from receipts of the business rate although how this will work is not clear. The council Tax will be cut by a further 1.5% over the next 3 years. The poor state of repair and lack of disabled access at the districts railway stations including Manningtree has been highlighted and TDC will lobby Greater Anglia about this. There will be a change to the way the Big Society Fund is administered. The free parking scheme will be continued on the same lines as before. The Clacton Air Show will be staged as normal next year and it could be the only air show in Essex. It brings in £4 million to the local economy. During the bad weather the districts   services functioned normally especially the sports halls and refuse collections. The parish council commented favourably on the refuse collection being carried out as normal during the bad weather.    
County Councillor. Not present
157/1213 Finance
a) Direct Debit
EON Energy(Street lights unmetered supply)£273.72
BT(Office communications broadband etc)£59.34
Ogilvie Hall(Office Rent)£300.00
EON Energy(Tennis Court lights)£13.24
b) The following items of expenditure were approved and cheques signed
Salaries and Wages  £1361.96
Inland Revenue£308.03
D Hitchcock(Expenses)£20.03
D Thurlow(Expenses)£92.93
Ogilvie Hall(Additional office usage)£51.54
Mistley Parish Council(PCSO Contract)£4189.84
Mr R Ling declared an interest Mistley Parish Council and Ogilvie Hall.
Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded by Miss V Pretty
c) Grants and Affiliations. 
Manningtree Friendly Club it was decided to give a grant of £100.00
Manningtree Museum it was decided to give a grant of £100.00 Miss V Pretty declared an interest.
158/1213 Planning
a) Planning Applications
12/01404/FUL, Mrs Stella Ivell Single storey ground floor extension. Broadview Harwich Road Lawford Mrs L Pallett declared an interest in this application.
Decision No Objection.
b) The planning decisions of Tendring District Council were noted.
The only one was for the Old Laundry in Hungerdown Lane
 159/1213 Highways
Cox’s Hill – Speed Limit reduction – to be decided by March 2013.
Winter Salt Scheme The salt is stored at Valley Garden supplies and about 50% of the bags have been taken The clerk will ask Essex County Council if they still fill up the salt bins on the side of the road.
Station Road/Westfield’s Estate the parking is getting worse with cars now being parked in Queensway as well. There is a need to find out what the residents feel about this problem and perhaps canvass them on what they think should happen?
Large and dangerous Pot Holes have started to appear especially on Cox’s Hill and Colchester Road. They have been reported but are getting worse.
Next meeting of the Highways Committee – 11th February. 7.00pm
It was decided to write to Tendring District Council supporting their efforts to improve disabled access at the station. It was decided to find out the exact position and number of drop off and pick up spaces there are as well.
160/1213 Amenities.
The Vehicle Show. We had written to the organiser giving provisional agreement and attaching a list of conditions for staging the show on the School Lane Playing Field. We have heard nothing back and it would appear from a social media site the venue has been moved. It was decided to withdraw the provisional agreement and any application would be treated as a new application.
There have been meetings with the football club who are working closely together on several issues including raising income. There are several problems with the pavilion that the football club are trying to rectify It was decide to write to Wilby and Burnett to support the clubs aim to get these problems resolved.
At present Rosemarie will be continue maintaining the garden in Station Road.
School Lane Playing Field costs for a new project will be obtained when the council firm up ideas but one cost has been obtained to give a starting point.
The next meeting of the amenities committee will be 11th February 8.00pm
161/1213 PCSO’s 
One of the part funded PCSO’s is leaving and Essex Police policy at present is that they are not recruiting any further PCSO’s. Our liaison representative has taken this matter up with the police on the basis that we could stop the payments if there was no replacement. There could be the possibility of a PCSO moving to Mistley from somewhere else but this proposal has to be confirmed.
We have received a reply from the new commissioner regarding the closure of the police station saying it will be closed when suitable premises are found. The hoped for new premises have not been found yet despite one suitable location being looked at. It also confirmed the staffing levels as 1 part time sergeant, 3 officers, PCSO’s and Special Constables.
162/1213 Tesco
A representative of Tesco’s has contacted the clerk. At present she is waiting for official confirmation of timescales for the work to start and she will contact us further when she has concrete information. They are starting to discharge planning conditions.
163/1213 Foundry Court
Another meeting had taken place and it is hoped to run the luncheon club in house along with The Dacon Trust who will provide this service and to re use the kitchen. It is nearly a year since this present arrangement has been in place and we would like to get an update on its future, clerk to invite a representative of Colne Housing to the next meeting to give a progress report. Mrs L Pallett declared an interest.
164/1213 3 Parishes Trust
A meeting had been arranged between the trust and the chairman of the 3 councils where the trusts objectives, funding, income and future projects had been discussed.
It has raised money for the trim trail at Mistley Furze Hill and have now passed the project over to Mistley Parish Council.
The youth shelter is waiting for the paper work to arrive at their solicitors then they will apply for planning permission to site the shelter.
The AGM will be in March.
Our representative has become a director as well and he is finding it difficult to combine both roles so a new representative will have to be found.
165/1213 Office Refurbishment.
The Archive room and the meeting room are now finished and the decorating of the office should start soon. The redundant furniture has now been removed.
166/1213 Vacancy
Notices placed in notice boards advertising the vacancy on 3rd January and Tendring District Council informed. Reply from the District Council saying there will be no election therefore we can co-opt a new councillor, adverts in Notice Boards, local paper giving a deadline of 15th February. 
167/1213 Bi-annual event
This is hoped to be run along the lines of the jubilee event held at Furze Hill but as a joint venture with the 3 councils plus other organisations like the business chamber. This will be looked into in more detail at the next amenities meeting that will invite representatives from other organisations for a discussion.
168/1213 Meetings attended by councillors
TDALC items discussed at this meeting were declarations of interest, potholes, the local plan with respect to small parishes, parking on the roads and the winter salt scheme with regards to any liability.